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Kali Linux

Kali Linux – Part 1: ‘Karmi loves him some Kali!’ is the ‘Foundation Post‘ for this page. As of 2/26/2021 this page is a work in progress since I am still testing it, and posting about it. From what I am seeing these 1rst couple of days, the Kali Linux Developers have created an exceptional Linux Distro that is considerate of all types of OS users – including plain ole Desktop OS users.  😉  OK…page is now set, and the 4-Part series is finished. Will post any new info and/or posts about Kali Linux to this page.


3/02/2021: Update – Linux ‘Trump Cards‘ against Windows 10 are old computers and/or USB portability. Kali Linux just isn’t portable enough for me, and I don’t have old computers. The ‘Live’ USB is OK, but limits how how much you can do with w/o actually installing it. My SSD installs have now all ‘fAdEd‘ away and I still have no clue what that is about…maybe it needs old fashioned 3.5″ HDD’s?

2/28/2021: Kali Linux – Part 4: ‘1) Trojan:Linux/Flooder.B!MTB 2) Backdoor:JS/Dirtelti.MTQ 3) Trojan:Win32/Trafog!rfn 4) Trojan:Win32/Phonzy.A!ml 5) Trojan:Win32/Lodap!rts’

2/27/2021: Kali Linux – Part 3: ‘Fleeting Love and/or Mount Point slash problems?!’

2/26/2021: Kali Linux – Part 2: ‘Déjà vu – of a previous Thrashing?!?’

2/25/2021: Kali Linux – Part 1: ‘Karmi loves him some Kali!

5/9/2019:  Kali Linux (*Updated*)