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Karmi’s Top 10 5 2 Linux Distros

Top 10

Tier One

1. FossaPup64 9.5 (AKA Puppy Linux 9.5) (absolutely *BEST* @ Portability, HW Support, Rescue ‘n Reliability. Am moving it to #1 Distro. No ‘Pesky Passwords‘ in Puppy! #1 in Portability & Rescue category. If Puppy ever added a GNOME or Cinnamon Desktop Environment (DE) it would probably be #1 in the Desktop Duty category ‘n #1 in the Portability & Rescue category, i.e. I probably wouldn’t need a Top 10 list!)

2. AlmaLinux OS 8.4 (10/24/2021) – one of the smoothest ‘n reliable Linux OSes I’ve worked with. Am moving into the Top Tier. Old section: ‘AlmaLinux OS stable version w/ Fulltime Linux Root User option!’ – Welcome to the Top 10! The Developers did an excellent job of replacing CentOS…AlmaLinux OS worked across all my hardware, offered the root option, and was easy to work in.

Tier Two

3. Fedora Cinnamon Spin (10/28/2020 Fedora 33 … see ‘Life wid‘ Fedora – its baaaack! reflects my journey w/ Fedora ‘n the ‘Life wid‘ Fedora page documents this journey.)

4. CentOS Stream (Replaces CentOS Linux 8 – offers an option to opt out of the Linux ‘Pesky‘ Passwords, which earns CentOS Stream my #3 spot!!!  128 GB Samsung USB Portability and ease of adding software graphically wins the #3 spot. A steady ‘n reliable Operating System!)

5. Oracle Linux 8.3 – ‘Oracle Unbreakable Kernel‘ … interesting Desktop/Workstation OS that offers an opt out of the annoying “Authenticate” popup or other ‘Pesky Passwords’!



*WAITING in Line* Windowsfx/Linuxfx – welcome to the Top 10! Windowsfx 10.5 (Linuxfx 10.5) – *HOT* *HOT* *HOT* Distro Movin’ on uP ‘n into my Top 10!!!

*WAITING in Line* Q4OS – ‘Password Dependent, but an *EXCELLENT* put together Linux Distro!’ – welcome to the Top 10!

*WAITING in Line* MX Linux 19.2 KDE MX Linux part 7: w/ *KDE* it’s Movin’ back into my Top 10!!! Been awhile, but welcome back MX Linux!

*WAITING in Line* Kodachi 6.1 (Portability & Privacy – a great ‘Specialty’ OS!) – 3/20/2021 Update: Linux Kodachi 8.0 the Secure OS – ‘..preserving your privacy and anonymity’

*WAITING in Line* Redcore Linux – ‘the Power of Gentoo Linux for ‘da Masses!’ – Welcome to my Top 10!

*WAITING in Line* – 1/12/2021: EndeavourOS – ‘Root Login + Cinnamon DE + *NO* Pesky Passwords!’ (Welcome to the Top 10! Have created a new Category for EndeavourOS – Honesty!) UPDATE: “Honesty” isn’t enough to keep this Arch-based Distro in my crowded Top 10…sorry EOS.


*Purgatory* – 10/19/2020: Mint (Has just been removed from the Top 10 ‘n placed into Purgatory .. Old section starts here: new User ‘n Printer Friendly category! However, I have dropped it again, from 6 to 10 this time: 1) Warpinator is slow for large file transfers ‘n is not cross-platform. 2)Whars Chromium!? With Mint its always about lots of hype, plenty of excuses, and now they attack Ubuntu ‘n Snap…this is the last chance for Mint!)


*UPDATE* – 9/26/2020: Ebb ‘n Flow of Karmi’s Top 10 ‘n 2000++ Linux Distros post talks about changes to the Top 10…


Honorable Mention (new category) to Vanilla Arch Linux (GParted ‘n the correct Nvidia driver ‘n no Linux ‘Pesky Passwords’   gets Vanilla Arch onto the Top 10 page, with a lot of help from the MatMoul/archfi “simple bash script wizard to install Arch Linux after you have booted on the official Arch Linux install media.”)


8/23/20 Update: Removed Fedora SPINS from Top 10…has too many updating problems on ‘Apevia’ Ryzen/Nvidia test machine…works fine with Intel, but stops working after kernel updates (possibly the problem?).

8/09/20 Update: Lots of movement recently…caused mainly by discovering *GREAT* OSes that also offer options to avoid the ‘Pesky‘ Linux Passwords @ every turn or change (e.g. why is a password needed to open GParted, etc.). Password for running as root in the command prompt is fine, but 90% of the others times its becomes ‘Pesky‘!

6/23/20 Update: Deleted the recent PCLinuxOS post & removed from Top 10 – I get so excited when seeing something that I have looked for from Linux, that often important testing steps get missed, and jumping to conclusions follows…so to speak. I hate the Linux ‘pesky‘ password requirements, that most Distros seem to have, and as the LINUX NEWBIE – SINCE 1996 blog approaches 18 months I am looking for ‘n planning for new progress ‘n direction/s. Am getting ready to remove a lot of Distros from my Karmi’s Top 10 Linux Distros page as I prepare to raise my rating standards, e.g. 1) if an option is offered to the user to opt out of the ‘pesky‘ password then that Distro gets a *HUGE* ratings jump … 2) another example of gaining a higher rating will be how much Physical ‘n Financial Long Term Support does that Distro have (opposite example: Mint has been hanging on by the fingernails for almost two years now – they could fall out of Top 10 if Mint 20 gets delayed) … 3) since Ubuntu LTS has no competition for the Top Category of Desktop Duty then ‘Speciality‘ OSes value increases (e.g. Kodachi being higher rated than Mint).

6/04/20 Update: Removing Patroit OS & Solus 4.1 from Top 10. EasyOS 2.3 is moving into #9 spot … MX Linux 19.2 to the #10 spot. Congrats to both!!!

1/31/20 Update: A great OS for having only been around since 12/27/2015, but it is no replacement for Ubuntu 18.04.3. I never cared for the standard “bleeding edge” buggy rolling release method, and this new “Curated rolling release” seems ‘asleep‘ or something (?!). Solus is new and apparently its repository is very limited – e.g. didn’t offer the KShutdown™ button. Solus also requires a 6 digit – or whatever – long password…tried to change it to zero or three, but it doesn’t allow it. Linux developers have no clue about actual desktop/laptop users, i.e. they are still stuck in the ‘DOS‘ keyboard ‘Age‘ on some remote server near Dagobah and want to force their version of a “secure” computer onto users. If a desktop/laptop computer user doesn’t want the ridiculously annoying password prompts, then they should be offered a simple setting to turn off all password prompts (e.g. like Microsoft Windows does!!!!). Also, even the Solus 4.1 GNOME version (see below for Budgie Wi-Fi problems) seems to have Wi-Fi ‘weird‘ problems like needing to be rebooted after a cold start in order to find the Wi-Fi connection again!? I will test it for a little longer, but have moved Solus 4.1 to the #10 spot on Karmi’s Top 10 Linux Distros page…for now.

01/29/20 Update: Solus 4.1 makes it to the Top 10 (GNOME @ #2 & Budgie @ #7) … this is the second time that Solus GNOME DE has made it into the Top 10. BionicPup was ‘bUmPeD‘ from that #2 spot for this first time, I believe. Windows 7 Users – ‘Solus 4.1 *KICKS* some Linux Buttocks!’

01/25/20 Update: Added Peach OSI/Patriot OS to the #10 spot.

01/15/20 Update: Moved Linux Lite up to #5 and removed some older reviewed Distros.

08/25/19 Update: Have removed MX Linux from the Top 10 – I apologize for overrating it in the beginning.

08/02/19 Update: Understanding ‘Karmi’s Top 10 Linux Distros’ – is an explanation of blog’s ratings…

Found another great Linux Distro I have been saving for testing, and those tests went so well late last night that a Top 3 — #1 Ubuntu 18.04 – #2 BionicPup – #3 Kodachi 6.1 — rating list wasn’t going to be big enough to include this newly tested distro…thusly, the need for this post on Karmi’s Top 10 Linux Distros page (just below the ‘Posts’ section).

I’ll be putting together a part of that list today, and fill it in as more thought is put into it.

Will be updated as needed…