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*Karmi’s Daily Blog Log*

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  • 1/28/2021 Update: Have moved  *Karmi’s Daily Blog Log* to the top of Pages section. Handy for quick notes ‘n updates when actual posts are not needed.


5/08/2021: 1) Mentioned “looking into WSLg Architecture” on the 4/26 entry, and the entire WSL idea it looking like it has reached a new *MAJOR* breakthrough. Have added a new Windows Subsystem for LinuxPage‘ for what is looking like a long series.

5/03/2021: 1) Tested the new Rocky Linux RC1 and it’s looking real good. Offers root login so you can avoid annoying “Authenticate” popup or other ‘Pesky Passwords’. 2) Fedora 34 Spins – Cinnamon ‘n KDE – are both problematic, IMHO. KDE Plasma ‘Live’ is terrible on both my Intel ‘n AMD test machines, and haven’t been able to even install it.

4/26/2021: 1) TextMaker is now my main word processor ‘n have associated .doc ‘n .docx file with it. (Free TextMaker is an advertisement platform for SoftMaker.)  2) Lots of new Linux Distros are available for testing, but if they are ‘Password Dependent‘ it is difficult to even bother with them. 3) Downloaded the new T2_SDE 21.4 but am not ready to try it again. 4) Have started looking into WSLg Architecture – is ‘GUI applications support in the Windows Subsystem for Linux‘ – which may end up being a way to avoid the Linux OS issues.

4/24/2021: May have found the Word Processor I have been searching for, and have created the new Office Suites ‘n Word Processors page to reflect the search ‘n what is available for free as a possible replacement for MS Office Word.

4/19/2021: 1) Firefox updated to version 88.0 today ‘n the Google Search problem is still there. One of the biggest companies in the world ‘n they can’t get their search engine right on Firefox!? 

4/17/2021: 1) Tested new Zorin 16 Beta…just another ‘Password Dependent‘ Linux Distro pretending to be a Desktop OS. 2) Had issues yesterday w/ Waterfox ‘n Firefox…had to clear cache to fix them. Took awhile to figure it out, but worth the lesson to realize a cache can cause so many problems.

4/14/2021: 1) Had already deleted about 4 Distro ISO’s because of a lack of interest on my part, but just finished formatting two SSD’s with Distros already installed ‘n waiting for a review. The research on Web Hosting was extremely interesting and consumed all my time ‘n interest. 2) This year is going to end being another ‘Year of the Doctors‘ for me, but I guess it is needed. Going to one Doctor always turns into at least one more visit…my Dermatologist is going to end up being five visits!? Just had stitches removed from one Mohs surgery this morning, and have one more Mohs surgery next month, so that will be two more visits. Lived in Miami for decades – lots of boating, fishing, skiing ‘n scuba diving plus loads of sun tanning. Boating can be terrible since you’re getting the direct sun plus its reflection off the water. Am lucky my skin problems have been minor!    

4/11/2021: Still ‘TiNkERiNg‘ w/ the Business Plan upgrade. Thought about changing Themes, but hard to beat the Rowling for what I want. Would like to add an actual image in the Top Header Menu area, but seems like everything has to be linked there. Could add a Logo for the site in the Site Identity area, but that may interfere with my Site Icon (?!?!?!). Actually, a lot of the customization options were also offered in the Free plan, but I just hated customizing ‘Thangs‘!  😉 

4/09/2021: OK…only one issue with upgrade, a minor one w/ Jetpack. Used the “Chat support” for first time ever, and it does a good job. Slow enough for me to read and reply, plus you have the browser right there. Great to have Classic Editor back!!! Will stay with some form of pay from now on…probably another host tho.

4/08/2021: Have been busy busy!  😉  Am working on a Foundation Post for the new Web Hosting Info ‘n Ideas page. Have also tested a lot of Linux Distros recently, but may end up skipping all reviews on them since I have been so focused on upgrading the old ‘Free‘ WP Blog Plan…will catch’em on their next upgrades!

4/02/2021: 1) New editor is terrible! Click on a spot to type ‘n it drops to the end of the page. Incredibly slow compared to Classic Editor. Pics seem better, but a ridiculous Open Source Editor that reminds me of LibreOffice Writer – especially the slow part. Even my other blog has the new editor now. 2) Spring in N. Florida, but a cold-spell has moved in for a couple days…warms up by noon so I’ve been mowing the lawn (about an acre+) ‘n will finish up tomorrow. 3) Downloaded a bunch of Linux ISO’s, but ‘Password Dependent‘ Distros have lost all appeal to me which makes it difficult to even review the ones I like. No biggie tho, since most visitors to this blog are here after searching for something. 4) The 500GB SanDisk Extreme® Portable SSD V2 came in yesterday…speeds only in 400-500MB/s since whatever its reading from or writing to isn’t USB 3.2 Gen 2. Could’ve bought a standard Samsung SSD for less than half that price, but wanted to test one in case of some future upgrades. ‘Apevia‘ is my only computer right now w/ USB 3.2 Gen 2 ports. USB4 is even faster, but everything needs to match in order to get 40Gbits/s speeds. 😉 Still, I’m wanting to slowly move to the 1000++ MB/s transfer/copy/paste speeds between at least two computers soon.

3/30/2021: Tested MakuluLinuxLinDoz” – ‘Password Dependent‘ Linux Distros are just too annoying to write reviews on all of them anymore. I can pay $11-21+ at URcdkey for a legal Windows 10 Pro OEM CD-Key so a pretend-to-be Windows doesn’t interest me. Nice Linux Distro ‘n everything works, but no  Fulltime Linux Root User access or option.

3/27/2021: Tested KaOS this morning…didn’t care for it.

3/26/2021: 1) Ordered a 500GB SanDisk Extreme® Portable SSD V2 ‘n have been looking for something portable that was supposedly faster than a SSD. They are more expensive than I wanted to pay, but might be worth it if the “1050MB/s read and 1000MB/s write speeds” are actually close to that. 2) Downloaded Fedora-Cinnamon-Live-x86_64-34_Beta-1.3 ISO this morning. Had tested Fedora 34 Beta 1.2 on 3/16/2021. Sound in System Setting still doesn’t work, i.e. I get THIS (instead of my 2 speakers) when trying to “Test sound” and cannot change Output or anything. It will play a song when I test that in Parole Media Player. 3) W/O Admin sections working WordPress is slow elsewhere, e.g. here on edit page…S..L..O..W!!! Buggy too, i.e. when opening edit page, then clicking on section to type in it drops to the bottom of the page!?! This always happens when some idiot believes they can reinvent the wheel… 4) ref. yesterday’s “trying to copy 3 pages with 5 pics” statement – LibreOffice was copying it, but was very slow at it as another test showed this morning. I didn’t know, but can work w/ slow if I know what’s going on.  😉 

3/25/2021: Getting the – Manjaro Linux 21.0 ‘just another Distro for Password Dependent OS Users’ post out today was murder. Classic Editor and parts of the WP Admin section are gone, on this blog (but other blog still has them?!), and it took forever to get it done. Anyway, its free so I’ll figure out a way to just write it up and paste it. Unfortunately, LibreOffice Writer performed horridly today, e.g. trying to copy 3 pages with 5 pics was incredibly difficult!? Must be an easier way, or I’ll have to check out another Open Source Office Suite…may do that anyway…Writer just isn’t nearly as good a Word. I’ll give it another week, but am going to look for a better word processor now – *SURELY* Open Source has a better word processor!? I may end up going with the Code Editor before this is over…  

3/23/2021: Tested ‘n updated Fedora 33 Cinnamon, CentOS Stream & Puppy Linux 9.5…they are all installed on a 4-port USB hub that is attached to new rebuild ‘Apevia‘. Each Distro recognized new Intel® i9-10900K CPU.

3/22/2021: 1) – equally working on new rebuild ‘Apevia’ and ‘Antec Jr.main computers now. 2) – Mentioned yesterday that LibreOffice didn’t have a program equal to Microsoft Office Picture Manager, but found out later that Microsoft hasn’t offered it since 2010 (I believe?)…my 3-licensed office is 2007 Home & Student ‘n has it, but the URcdkey 2016 MS Office Home & Student version mentioned in ‘Word vs Writer‘ post doesn’t. I don’t believe Open Source software has what I am looking for, but Adobe seems to have free versions of their software that may work. I now have Photoshop Express, Bridge 2021 ‘n Creative Cloud installed, and the Photoshop Express seems to be the one I need – tho haven’t tested the other two yet. MS Picture Manager didn’t do everything I actually need, i.e. I used a combo involving Paint, Paint 3D, and GIMP along with MS Picture Manager. Anyway, I am done with having to jump-thru-hoops to re-activate one of my own legal MS Office licenses! Microsoft seems to have purposely left an Office Suite niche open and I am in the process of filling it with LibreOffice, i.e. ‘Merging‘ Microsoft ‘n Open Source Software. If Open Source Software doesn’t have it, then I’ll look for free versions of reliable software like Adobe.

3/21/2021: I use 3 apps in Microsoft Office – Word, Excel and Microsoft Office Picture Manager. I don’t use Excel anymore since quitting Fantasy Football, so the LibreOffice suite now only provides me with half of what I need. Microsoft Office Picture Manager has been a major part of my blogging, and LibreOffice doesn’t have anything to replace it. So I’m checking around…I use GIMP for somethings, but it can’t replace Microsoft Office Picture Manager. Checking around for a replacement got me to Luminar – until I saw the price!? Photoshop Express is recommended highly, and it is free at the Microsoft Store…so will test it. Have also heard that there is a free online Microsoft Office version ‘n maybe they have it for using online?! Will check around for an Open Source version that might be able to replace Microsoft Office Picture Manager.

3/20/2021: ASUS Prime Z490M-PLUS MoBo arrived a few hours ago…installed everything ‘n then installed the $10.30 WIN10 Pro OEM, and then Activated it. Going thru updating and adding drivers from the MoBo DVD…its a slow USB DVD player, but does the job. Edge browser is pretending it can’t find the Firefox link … fuker!  😉  I’ll add Nvidia GeForce Experience ‘n let it handle the GeForce GTX 1660 Super drivers after I go and eat.

3/18/2021: Will be testing Kodachi 8.0 within the next couple of days – one of my favorite Specialty Linux Distros. Another Doctor appt next Tuesday (23rd) ‘n the advanced ordered ASUS Prime Z490M-PLUS MoBo may arrive that day also…so am waiting to see if it will need to be signed. Once that ‘Apevia‘ upgrade/rebuild is done then I will be using LibreOffice for all my blog prep work ‘n postings.

3/17/2021: 1) ASUS Prime Z490M-PLUS MoBo was shipped yesterday…was an advanced order, so that now has the rebuild on hold since the Intel® i9-10900K came yesterday. When I upgrade to Intel’s Alder Lake later this year or next year, will move the build’s ‘Guts‘ into ‘Rose‘ computer…other than the GeForce 1660 Super. If GPU prices ever come down again the ‘Apevia‘ will probably get a Nvidia GeForce RTX 3060 Ti Founders Edition. My Bank had a notice up yesterday morning that US Gov’t will be depositing about $1,400 into my account this week – no wonder foreign mobs are trying to get to the USA!? 2) Just purchased the WIN10 Pro CD-Key for the ‘Apevia‘ rebuild – from URcdkey for $10.30 (w/ offer code).

3/13/2021: Android tablet has already been moved to remote storage shed…don’t know anyone who would want it. My Acer Aspire 3 AMD laptop (‘Ace the Laptop‘) never gets used, but the keyboard didn’t work yesterday. Spent a couple hours yesterday attempting to fix it by following some of the online suggestions…unplugged the battery, after removing 5,000 super tiny screws ‘n still didn’t work. After putting the 5,000 super tiny screws back in another suggestion was to check the keyboard cable for loose connection!?! That would require removing 5,000 super tiny screws again!!! Another suggestion is to update it…have never liked Acer ‘n like it even less now. This update is taking forever ‘n I doubt it fixes the keyboard…when it finishes (if ever!?) I will note what is coming next if it doesn’t work…Tick tock, tick tock, tick tock…yeah, I removed the back cover & ‘Ace the Laptop‘ is going to be a test area for me to learn a little about laptops. Should take a sledge-hammer to it…probably will soon. Will remove it from My Computers list.

3/12/2021: Got all the wires ‘n cables switched from 2 different displays, 2 different computers, and 2 different electrical circuits as I make the switch to ‘Apevia‘ as my main-working computer. New MoBo was an “advanced order” and Amazon is giving arrival date @ March 20-23, so I have plenty of time to prepare. Removed AMD MoBo ‘n cleaned up the Noctua NH-U9S CPU cooler  and the Ryzen 5 3400G APU…APU will go to shed today. Also added extra 4-pin 120mm PWM fan to case…fan was left-over from recent Liquid Cooler addition to ‘CM130‘ build. New MoBo has two USB 3.2 Gen 1 headers so I wanted to add a couple more front 3.0 USB ports to the case’s one on top (top area is like 10″x14″ that can also act as a shelf)…ordered Kingwin Hot Swap Mobile Rack w/USB 3.0 Hub for that. Bays are switched ‘n WIN10 Pro SSD will stay in one of them…maybe other as a small Data drive. Already have a Kingwin KF-251-BK Dual-Bay in the case, so these additions give me four Hot Swap bays and three 3.0 USB ports on front ‘n top, plus the two 2.0 USB ports on top.

3/11/2021: per “3)” from yesterday – prep-planning is now over!  😉  Have moved to purchasing components on sale, e.g. just advanced ordered a ASUS Prime Z490M-PLUS MoBo. ‘Apevia‘ has the Ryzen™ 5 3400G APU & ASUS Prime A320M-K AMD Ryzen micro-ATX MoBo which will soon be removed ‘n sent to the shed. Will use the 16GB of PNY DDR4 2400MHz memory, the Noctua NH-U9S CPU cooler, PSU and whatever else is in with the case for a new Intel build using the Apevia X-Qpack3-NW-BK case. Will look to buy a Intel® i9-10900K next month if the price stays around $460. Plan now is to ‘Promote‘ ‘Antec Jr.‘ to ‘Keeper of the Data‘ as I do a slow move to LibreOffice from Microsoft Office, and the upgraded ‘Apevia‘ becomes my main working computer. ‘Apevia‘ and ‘Antec Jr.‘ both sit low and to my right next to each other – within easy reach. ‘Antec Jr.‘ will handle all downloads & USB boot media creation plus keep all Data including ODT files from LibreOffice…’Apevia‘ will handle Linux Newbie blog activity (posts, pages, pics, etc) using LibreOffice. The new ‘Apevia‘ build will get the GeForce GTX 1660 SUPER™ VENTUS XS OC GPU currently in ‘Antec Jr.‘. Will probably do another move to Alder Lake next year after I see how it does. *Afternoon UPDATE*: Like to payoff my credit card every month, but may not do it this month…just purchased the Intel Core i9-10900K CPU from Newegg after they added a $15 promo code – total price ended up @ $452.99 with free shipping and no taxes. That may be the lowest price that this CPU gets too anytime soon, and may even jump over $500 soon. Anyway, lots of work switching main computers whilst in the process of building one of them…have never had a pair of computers set up for what I’m about to attempt. I wanted to be able to use Linux on my main-working computer, but that PCIe M.2 2280 NVMe in ‘Antec Jr.‘ isn’t made to be swapped in ‘n out. ‘Apevia‘ will be set up with only swappable drives in Hot Swap bays. Windows 10 Pro will go on a spare 250GB Samsung SSD ‘n will never see a Linux Distro (its drive bay also has an on-off switch so it doesn’t have to be removed); however, it will mainly be used as a WIN10 Pro machine that will also include my Top Two Distros on USB’s…some possible final Distro testing also.

3/10/2021: 1) Finally got my new eTalk Verizon phone to stop dropping calls. Was having to drive 7-8 miles to get a signal that worked…during auto problems ‘n Doctor visits!? One scheduler for x-rays suggested setting it to Wi-Fi Calling…after half-dozen attempts finally got it ‘n it worked! My Verizon Home page said the phone ‘n SIM needed synced or something…called support and now all is working. The old phone didn’t have SIM card…someone said that was 3G…that phone (or one like it) worked great for 12-13 years, under a grandfathered plan. 2) Now I can finish up w/ Doctors…by July?? Had some skin autopsy checks that came back with 2 that needed removed, but no biggie with that kind. 3) prep-planning for new build and/or upgrade…may involve two-three computers??? Was thinking about Intel® i9-10900K CPU, but will probably wait for the Alder Lake stuff ‘n PCIe 5.0 and DDR5 ‘tHiNgIeS‘ to do a *BIG* build. Probably gut the ‘InWin‘ computer…take that board, CPU ‘n 16GB memory and move them into ‘Apevia‘. Am tired of AMD so only need one AMD computer. That InWin case is just too small for me, and this way I can eventually move ‘Antec Jr.‘s Intel® i9-9900 CPU there. Anyway…just prep-planning for now, but I can move fast when time is right!  😉  New moves will also be away from Microsoft Office to LibreOffice…HERE.

3/08/2021: 1) Tested MakuluLinux 2021-03-05 … installation stalled @ 93% complete on two different computers. 2) Tested SparkyLinux 2021.03 w/ KDE Plasma .. ‘Password Dependent‘ OS for OS users who need a ‘Nanny‘ to watch over them. Did a post on Sparky – 10/07/19 using Mate DE and it allowed Fulltime Linux Root User access. May test their minimal ISO later, for a Cinnamon DE.

3/06/2021: Mentioned earlier during the week that I had Doctor’s on Thurs ‘n Fri…now I have another x-ray ‘sOmEtHiNg‘ this coming Tuesday. Once you go in for more than a yearly physical ‘n blood-work ‘n CT scans, it seems there are many more trips added in. Still have a Vitreoretinal Doctor this month, and should probably see a regular eye Doctor also. Never costs me anything but gas for the 80++ mile round-trip…America actually has the best medical system in the world, but mask wearers won’t admit to it. 😉

3/03/2021: Got the truck back…a 2005 Ford F150 with less than 130,000 miles on it. After the first few years the mileage use has dropped down to about 4,000 miles a year. Will start keeping up with steady checks ‘n maintenance. Speaking of maintenance, I updated the Buy Low or BYOC – ‘Build Your Own Computer’ page to reflect the recent changes ‘n upgrades. The prices for GPU’s will seriously restrict most changes now until those prices come back down. The  GeForce GTX 1050 Ti OC 4GB GDDR5 (GV-N105TOC-4GD) GPU it a terribly slow GPU ‘n I will not buy anymore GPU’s that are rated below the Top 30-40…not noticeably slow in normal ‘Desktop Duty‘, but slow on benchmark tests. The GeForce GTX 1660 XC ‘n GeForce GTX 1660 SUPER™ VENTUS XS OC GPU’s wouldn’t fit in the SFF ‘CM130‘ recent build, which is one of the reasons I purchased the 1050 Ti. Getting the right ITX GPU for a SFF build is already difficult to figure at times, but prices for them stop any real research right now.

3/02/2021: Went ahead ‘n got the ‘Apevia‘ computer running again last night…just involved cleaning the Ryzen 5 3400G ‘n plugging it in. Since the Noctua’s the NH-U9S cooler/fan was already set up it just needed the tightening of two screws, and also allowed me to stick that Ryzen stock fan out in the shed – those are terrible! Apevia‘ is going to mainly be a working Linux computer (for now), which is the ‘3rd Computer‘ being used when testing a Distro, e.g. lots of reformatting of Linux file systems (mainly ext4) and also reformatting USB media creation DD disk imaging tool (or whatever it is?!). Switched the two outside displays to reflect that change for Apevia‘ from being a 22″ – 22″ – 24″ to a 24″ -22″ -22″ setup now. The mobility of the ‘Wagon on Wheels‘ setup makes it station for testing…’CM130‘ is now the main Linux test computer on that mobile 3-computer station. Will need to update the Buy Low or BYOC – ‘Build Your Own Computer’ page to reflect these recent upgrades, moves ‘n changes – when I get the time. Will be mainly waiting by the phone today, for a call from the auto repair shop when they are done ‘n coming to pick me up. Busy week…

3/01/2021: Busy week ahead with Doctor appointment Thursday ‘n another one on Friday. Naturally, my truck started acting up past Saturday, and it is in the shop overnight waiting  for a power steering pump. A pulley also needed replacing. Anyway, hopefully it will all be done before the Doctors. Was at the auto shop for four hours ‘n they gave me a ride home…then the mailman brought the Cooler Master MasterLiquid Lite 120 AIO CPU Liquid Cooler so I pulled the Ryzen 5 3400G out of ‘CM130‘ – then pulled the Ryzen 9 3900X outta ‘Apevia‘ – then installed 3900X in ‘CM130‘. Phew! The liquid cooler was amazingly simple to install, and that 3900X has never ran so cool! Oh, I also pulled ‘n installed the slow old GeForce 1050 Ti. I’ll leave ‘Apevia‘ as is until I make sure ‘CM130‘ is handling everything OK. That Cooler Master Elite 130 case is actually made for a 120mm liquid cooler…a stock CPU/APU fan/cooler barely fit under the PSU; however, the liquid cooler’s block has at least 1″ clearance. Even the case’s fans are setup for a liquid cooler…runs incredibly quiet now ‘n cooler than the Ryzen 5 3400G did (at idle, anyway).

2/25/2021: Testing another ‘Password Dependent‘ Distro that may offer a way to Fulltime Linux Root User access. I’ll *HAMMER* it if it doesn’t work out.  😉  ‘Password Dependent‘ OS users should be using something like Android or Chromebook if they’re too stupid to handle an OS w/o a Nanny helping them!

2/23/2021: Did final tweaking on my ‘Computer Station‘ today…the mobility of my Wagon on Wheels’ has worked out so well on the left-side that I moved the two PC’s under the desk to the far right-side of the desk. One is actually between the desk ‘n a wall now, on a ‘Sled‘ contraption I built this morning for sliding it out to work on. The other I moved from the left over to the right underneath the desk, and built a ‘Sliding-Shelf‘ contraption to pull it out and work on. Doing a post on all that right now, but it works really well, and I have lots of hardware experimenting in ‘da works now…also part of the post I am working on. Oh, new Samsung monitor mentioned yesterday is up ‘n running as my main now…all three now on Monitor Arms that makes everything more spacious ‘n easier to work in. I highly recommend using Monitor Arms if you use more than one monitor (See – Reclaiming *Prime* Desktop Real Estate for more info).

2/22/2021: 2 year old 27″ LG IPS display started acting up last week…never did like that thing, so didn’t bother to order a new power adapter to see if that was the problem. Why troubleshoot something that has been problematic from day one? It wasn’t VESA Mount compatible either. Hauled it to dump immediately. Brought the 11 year old Dell display in from the shed ‘n have been using it as a temporary replacement. My much older 22″ LG is a lot sharper and has been my main monitor (again!) for a year now. Newegg had a SAMSUNG S22E450D 22″ for $79 w/ free shipping ‘n no tax…it is VESA Mount compatible so I ordered it. It also has a DisplayPort input which I have grown to like. It could be my new main display after a few tests. Also ordered another Fleximounts Gas Spring Desk Monitor Arm for $25.67 (on sale now for $23.99)…the Flexmounts offer 2 installation methods, which is why I chose it over another Loctek that I like better. See – Reclaiming *Prime* Desktop Real Estate for more on those. Arm is already mounted ‘n am waiting for the display to arrive today. I don’t know why some of the Monitor Arms are so expensive…I’ve paid less than $26 for each of the three I have, and they have been *GREAT*!!!

2/19/2021: The ExpressCage MB732SPO-B and 120mm 4-pin case fan came today. Will probably do a post on the ExpressCage MB732SPO-B SATA Hot Swap Bay – first impression = verrrrry handy! World of difference in sound between the new PMW fan ‘n that 3-pin loud stock fan. This MoBo has two PMW case fan headers ‘n I may replace the 3-pin 80mm in order to control it also. The old 120mm stock case fan was attached by 4 long silicon or plastic anchor/rivet ‘tHiNgIeS‘ I never saw before, and I needed them to install the new PWM fan…otherwise, drilling or long thin bolts ‘n nuts since the normal case fan screws that came with it wouldn’t work w/o drilling. I believe they are “Toolles Fan Rivet” –
From England, so far…worked great ‘n I WANT some!  😉

2/18/2021: Am looking into more Slackware-based Distros…just need a few days to recover from the ‘Password DependentSlackel Linux experience…should do a post on that Linux “Holy Inquisition” supporting Distro! Downloaded MaboxLinux ‘n tested it today, but never got past the Openbox window manager…heck, couldn’t even find how to switch mouse buttons in it!?

Arch ‘n the ‘Archies‘ best tighten up before EndeavourOS leaves ‘em all in its dust*IF* it hasn’t already!

2/17/2021: Did a quick install of Slackel Linux tonight…possibly the most ‘Password Dependent‘ Linux Distro I have ever seen. An insult to any Desktop OS user, IMHO, starting with this quote:

(The root password for the live CD is “live”. Standard user login is “one” with password: “one”) (no quotation marks).
For installation and for all work required administration privileges the super user “one” with password “one” is used.

No Fulltime Root User login option @ Welcome Screen, just lots of insults if you try.

2/14/2021: Testing new ‘CM130‘ build ‘n decided the 120mm case fan is just too loud. The 3-pin fans plug into a molex connector so there is no control. I ordered a 4-pin (pwm) 120mm silent fan today ‘n some SATA male to 4-pin molex female adapters ‘n some12 inch 4-pin TX4 PWM Fan Power extensions. The extra extensions ‘n adapters were just adds to my stock, which I have let grow old ‘n limited. Threw away a gallon Ziploc bag filled w/ old memory dating back to 2006 (or even earlier), and a bigger bag w/ 1/2 dozen+ 3-pin fans of various sizes…couldn’t give the stuff away ‘n am not into selling on eBay. Also tested Puppy, Oracle ‘n Fedora in new build. Puppy ‘n Fedora were fine, but Oracle won’t boot all the way in it…?! AMD probably…since same USB drive would boot on Intel machine. Really like this Cooler Master Elite 130 case tho I may add a Kingwin KF-251-BK Dual-Bay Internal Tray-less Rack instead of the old HDD one I have in it now…maybe at some point.

2/12/2021: Piddling with the CentOS Stream on ‘Rose‘ for most of the day…mainly trying to get a Nvidia driver installed instead of the NV137 driver (nouveau is open-source graphics driver for Nvidia GPUs). Upgraded the 4.18.?? kernel to the 5.10.?? didn’t help either way. Fedora ‘n Puppy easily added Nvidia drivers for the new Gigabyte GeForce GTX 1050 Ti OC 4GB GDDR5 (GV-N105TOC-4GD) GPU. Anyway, CentOS ‘n Oracle seem to be mainly Enterprise oriented, tho Oracle does have a 5.4.?? “unbreakable kernel” that I may try to break tomorrow.  😉  Pulled CentOS off of ‘Rose‘ and restored my Clonezilla Oracle image to that permanent USB drive on ‘Rose‘. Will backup Oracle with a new Clonezilla image, and then try to install Nvidia drivers on it tomorrow. Am surprised so few fulltime Linux users use Clonezilla..!? Anyway, will leave CentOS Stream on the ‘Apevia‘ computer…for now.

2/10/2021: Brought my homemade computer Test Bench from the shed this morning and the new Asus PRIME A320I-K mini-ITX board arrived a few hours ago. Hooked the now retiredAntec. Sr.‘ PSU to it, then added that 16GB’s of memory, and installed the AMD Ryzen™ 5 3400G APU plus it’s stock cooler-fan (with added Low-Noise Adapter to quiet it down) in it. Booted right into BIOS for some tweaking, then on into Fedora 33 Cinnamon SPIN. Paid $10.14 for a WIN10 Pro key from URcdkey – on sale plus they gave a CODE that lowered it to $10.14, so will install it later onto retiredAntec Sr.‘ old PNY 240GB SSD.

OK…WIN10 Pro now installed and Activated – not bad for just $10.14!!!

Busy day…also tested FreeBSD, and couldn’t get to a graphical DE. Believe I’ve only gotten to the actual graphical Desktop of one BSD Distro, and it required passwords. FreeBSD didn’t even require creation of a user…but I couldn’t get to a DE!?! The Gigabyte GeForce GTX 1050 Ti 4GB also arrived today…will stick it in ‘Rose‘ tomorrow. 4 test computers will now give me 2 AMD’s w/ 1 having a dedicated GPU. 2 Intel’s w/ 1 also having a dedicated GPU.

2/09/2021: Building a new mini-ITX computer…gutted ‘Antec Sr.‘ for 16GB (2 x 8) memory, PSU ‘n SATA Hot Swap Bay, erased the SSD, and then ‘Retired‘ that computer to a storage shed. Working on that post…

2/07-08/2021: Have tested Mageia 8 RC ‘n PCLinuxOS…nothing special to post about. Is the GPU price jump going to hurt AMD’s CPU’s?

Even older GPU versions are incredibly *EXPENSIVE* right now – if you can even find a decent replacement for what you actually wanted!?! Tariffs, Bitcoin miners, Crypto miners, Bots, etc. are all combining to drive up demand, and prices are following.

2/06/2021: 1) Tested Solus 4.2, EndeavourOS 2021.02.03 ‘n Ubuntu 20.04.2 over the past couple of days. ‘Password Dependent‘ OSes that force Desktop OS users to deal with annoying “Authenticate” popups on their own home computers barely interest me anymore. 2) Many Linux Distros have been having issues with new NVIDIA drivers…actually, I’ve noticed it for some time now, and a quick search of a Distro’s forum often shows the issue. However, it seems to be getting worse so I may end up doing a post on the problem/s.

2/01/2021: 1) As mentioned in the Tux ‘da Linux Salesperson – “Trust me…Linux is just like Windows Plug ‘n Play, only better!!!” post on 1/25, ‘Apevia‘ AMD computer had problems with an update for Fedora 33 (note: same update to Fedora 33 on the ‘InWin‘ Intel machine had no problems) which mainly slooooooooooowed the boot-up time waaaaaaaaaay down. I’ve been updating the ‘Apevia’ daily and it was slowly being fixed by Fedora. Today, it had a new kernel upgrade and a Nvidia ‘module‘ (?!) added or fixed. This update fixed the problem/s and the fast boot is back (note: “fast boot” for Linux, i.e. WIN10 PRO is much faster at booting on fairly new computers than any Linux Distro). Basically took 7 days to correct the problem… 2) Downloaded 3 more Distros to test this morning – Alpine, KNOPPIX and Devuan. Looking for portable Distros that can run in RAM ‘n possibly also offer Fulltime Linux Root User access. Devuan has failed already, but was a decent Distro. Have tried KNOPPIX several times before, but not since my Linux skills have improved over the past year or so. Seems this is my first try with Alpine. Decided to try these 3 Distros after reading a test/review of ‘Fedora vs Puppy Linux‘ by the “Slant community.”

1/29-30/2021: No OS is ever going to beat the Microsoft OSes, and I’ve been trying to find one since roughly 1993 when I first tried OS/2. Linux is having problems with new NVIDIA driver ‘n kernel again…my ‘Apevia‘ AMD’s Fedora is still slow at booting up after a recent update. Am probably going to move CentOS Stream ‘n Oracle Linux ahead of Fedora on my Karmi’s Top 10 Linux Distros page. NOTE: Took 7 days, but Fedora finally fixed itself.

1/28/2021: Great to have unlimited DATA to work with! Downloaded and am testing Endless OS. Nice Distro so far, but nothing special so probably won’t bother with a review. The Live USB is interesting though…has a built in persistence ability. At first boot of Live media it offers a “test” or “install” choice…I selected test ‘n and later had a problem figuring out how to install it. Weird, had to select the “Format” icon (maybe it was “Reformat”?!?) to get it installed because the USB was in persistence mode after that first boot, and the two choices was gone.

1/26-27/2021: There are a bunch of Android OSes/systems…I have been testing some that ‘Claim‘ to be for Desktops/PCs, but so far they have the word “Tablets” throughout. Probably do a post if I can find one that is actually focused on the Desktop/PC.

1/23/2021: As mentioned in the Part VIII: Third Year Begins – Linux ‘n its “Holy Inquisition” post I had been having problems with my HughesNet internet provider and went to Verizon LTE Home internet…hooked it up yesterday ‘n decided to go with it. It will be about $60 a month w/ unlimited data and no contract…for two years will also pay $10 a month for the equipment. Went w/ two years on the equipment in case I changed plans again…5G is coming to this remote area at some point. Guess the Main News is that HughesNet lowered their monthly price from $72 to about $41 when I called to cancel about an hour ago…that $41 a month for a year is a “Loyalty” reward ‘n no contract. Can cancel either provider at any time, but now have unlimited data ‘n another 10G plus 50G Bonus on HughesNet. They can be backups for each other temporarily, and I can download whenever I want to now w/o worrying about data. Verizon Home LTE downloaded an ISO this morning almost 3 times faster than HughesNet ever did, so HughesNet will be gone before the year is over. Verizon Wireless kicks everyone’s arses…

1/19-22/2021: Downloaded ‘n Tested 1) Berry Linux, 2) Hanthana Linux, 3) Scientific Linux 7.8, and just downloaded 4) Ubuntu Kylin for testing later. Not sure if I’ll review any of them at this point…maybe Ubu-Kylin later. Mainly searching for Distros that offer Fulltime Linux Root User access or option to do so, but may look closer at interesting DE’s like Ubuntu Kylin‘s UKUI.

1/14-18/2021: Ran outta monthly ISP Data until new month begins on the 20th. Can still surf normally, but download speeds are throttled down below 300-500kbs. Have still downloaded 3-4 Distros during this time, but at times I’m not waiting. Some can take 4-7 hours to download when throttled. Tested one already, but not gonna do a review of it…too much like Chrome OS w/ its web-based focus. That was ClearOS. I like the RHEL based Distros like Fedora ‘n CentOS Stream that allow Fulltime Linux Root User access. Sure wish Ubuntu would offer that option…

1/11-12/2021: Working on an exciting ‘new‘ Linux Distro! Lots of work left, but may do a “Part 1” today or tomorrow.

1/7/2021: First post was on January 6, 2019 as ‘dis Third year Begins!

1/4-7/2021My Oakwood Recliner arrived 1/4-Mon ‘n I don’t know why I waited so long to get a recliner…my first. Been planning a year to get one, but never made it out to look at ’em, so really knew nothing about what I needed…besides 36″ max width & 42″ max height. Needed to use it to watch DVD/Blu-Ray/old DVD recorded movies and series for about 2.25 – 3 hours a night and then roll it out of the way until next time. I’m 6’2″ @ 195-200lbs so it also needed to let me lay back w/o my knees ‘n ankles hanging over uncomfortably. Fits me perfectly…ankles hang just comfortably over the end. Says it supports 300lbs ‘n it seems very sturdy for only costing $219 (free shipping + $15.33 tax). Watching TV on a bed loaded w/ pillows SUKS!! 

1/4/2021: Busy posting and/or testing since 1/2/2021. EndeavourOS Deepin-Desktop (beta v20) has me bogged down right now…downloaded their latest ISO 1/2/2021 ‘n spent most of yesterday testing it. It may be having issues with AMD. Will try to do a post tomorrow…

12/31/2020: Bunch of downloading today (2AM-8AM Bonus hours!) – Testing Deepin 20.1 right now, but with a focus on the Deepin Desktop Environment (DDE) for possible testing of other Distros (mainly Fedora). Also downloaded UbuntuDDE since I don’t trust Deepin, and am also finding problems with it, e.g. AMD, speakers on both Intel ‘n AMD, etc. Lots of planning ‘n prep work is involved right now…

12/25-27/2020: Been piddling w/ a few Distros ‘n trying to ‘find‘ a post: 1) Lubuntu – just too “lightweight” for me, and I don’t care for “old computers” … even my 2016 build is too old for me. 😉  2) Clear Linux OS – maybe a post on this one, since it should perform better than it does, i.e. it has the backing of Intel. 3) Haiku – sure want to do a post on this one, since it clearly offers Fulltime Linux Root User ability; however, seems more of a developers ‘Pet‘ project, i.e. lots of hard-work put into it ‘n lots of future potential, but not ready at this time.

12/24/2020: Downloaded ‘n tried to install Openmamba this morning. Slow download. Difficulty in creating ‘Live’ USB installation media. UEFI ‘Live’ boot problems. Maybe it was my ISP and/or the AMD ‘Apevia‘ Linux test computer?! Anyway, I started at 5:30 AM, and the installation was was still trying to update at 7:57 AM when I shut it all down. My 10GB of “Anytime Data” kicks in from 8:00AM – 2:00AM and I don’t want to waste it on Openmamba, i.e. HughesNet gives me 50GB’s of “Bonus Bytes” from 2:00AM – 8:00AM so I will wait until tomorrow and do some tests on an Intel machine.

12/23/2020: Part 2: I don’t do “holidays” – everyday is enjoyable to me, but today I bought myself another “Christmas present”  😉  a small recliner. Live on my own land ‘n built a 20′ x 30′ roof structure, then poured a 20′ x 16’ slab and enclosed that area, i.e. enclosed living area is 320 sq feet. Sorta like an efficiency apartment with a full size private bathroom, and the rest all open w/ a kitchenette area. A BIG MAN recliner would’ve been nice, but impossible to live around, so I went with a small one that can be pushed outta-the-way when done watching TV. Just DVD/Blu-Ray/old DVD recorded movies and series, for 2.25 – 3 hours a night is all the recliner is for. Am tired of fixing bed cushions ‘n pillows constantly when watching TV, and tired of storing them all outta-the-way afterwards. Should get it within two weeks…

12/23/2020: Part 1: I find Chrome and WordPress slow together, and Chromium doesn’t seem to have an app extension for my Surfshark VPN, but also seems slow. Even tried MS Edge browser last night…maybe a little better, but just too long to load WordPress. Linux Newbie blog needs a separate browser from my other blog, so I’m not switching every time I want to work on a blog. Today I converted to the Waterfox browser for the Linux Newbie blog…just added the Bookmarks Toolbar to give it the ‘Chrome feel‘ and it’s much faster loading WordPress.

12/21/2020: Laptops have their need and/or usefulness, but I am not a fan of them. ‘Ace the Laptop‘ is/was more of a test on how cheaply I could buy one. Did this post on it during the process: Linux – Laptops – ‘Living’ Posts. Total price from Walmart (tax ‘n shipping included) was $277.13. It’s OK, for a laptop, but it started having display/graphics problems about two months ago…maybe three months ago since I rarely use it for anything but checking it out occasionally. It was having a sorta white looking ‘n flickering display on bootup and required a shutdown and restart to correct it. Then last week, same thing started when it woke from sleep, so decided to check some options. Found some display driver updates were available, plus some AMD updates on another section of the WIN10 settings update app. Anyway, it took *OVER* a GB to finish updating!?! Fixed the problem tho…I should really check it more often.

12/19-20/2020: Testing Q4OS … will publish a post on it tomorrow.

12/16/2020: Was thinking about testing the new Linux 5.10 kernel; fortunately, however, that is something I rarely test. Just saw this today: Linux 5.10 Didn’t Even Last 24 Hours… Linux 5.10.1 Released Due To Bugs. I’ve already had problems with kernel updates in the past, when the Distro updates it, so will wait…

12/14/2020: Downloaded the Mageia Linux 85MB Mageia-7.1-netinstall-nonfree-x86_64 Network Installation iso earlier this morning ‘n *HOURS* later the installation failed. No clue what happened, but had tried that method instead of others in an attempt to save ISP Bonus Byte Data. Anyway, am now downloading a 2.5GB ‘Live’ iso during normal ISP hours, which will take a couple hours since my Anytime Data has already been used up…its free time but speed is throttled down to less than 300-400KB/s.

12/12/2020: Downloaded GeckoLinux Static ‘n GeckoLinux Rolling Cinnamon versions this morning…not worth doing a post on, so will just add log about it. Will try the 938MB “Barebones” version after downloading. “938MB” is barebone? Better off just trying the real Distro – openSUSE, IMHO.

12/11/2020: I seriously doubt anyone has as much fun with Linux as humble me; thusly, a lot of activity on ‘n about the LINUX NEWBIE – SINCE 1996 blog gets lost…as in poof!?! How many hours have I wasted on trying to get the GUI to open in the T2_SDE tests, i.e. T2 System Development Environment tests that get it installed, but no GUI after login. Well, not as many hours as were wasted on Gentoo, for sure! Am creating a Karmi’s Daily Blog Log from this foundation post, but also seriously doubt all of my on ‘n about blog activity will be logged in…probably as good of a logger as a tester, so to speak whilst 🙂  I’ve conducted a *LOT* of Linux activity today, but doing a daily check for news on Linux Distros gave humble me the idea for this new page – GeckoLinux “Barebones”:

If I never log in another act of activity on that Page, then just finding that pic will still have been worth the effort, so to speak of *FUN*!

LINUX IS LIKE A BOX OF CHOCOLATES – you never know what you’re gonna get!