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Distros w/ *NO* “Authenticate” popup or other ‘Pesky Passwords’

NOTE: I don’t become root to escape the terminal’s password, i.e. one is already at the keyboard if they’re using the terminal, so there is no need to put the mouse down ‘n move to a keyboard. I become root because I hate the “Authenticate” popup that requires one to put down the mouse ‘n move to a keyboard in order to type the password ‘n then Authenticate it. GParted requires it, Synaptic Package Manager requires it, adding apps sometimes requires it, some updates require it, etc. Being root stops the “Authenticate” popup.

***** These are reliable root user Distros: *****

1. FossaPup64 9.5 (AKA Puppy Linux 9.5)

2. Fedora Cinnamon Spin

3. AlmaLinux OS 8.3 – ‘AlmaLinux OS stable version w/ Fulltime Linux Root User option!’

4. CentOS Stream

5. Oracle Linux 8.3 – ‘Oracle Unbreakable Kernel‘

6. 4MLinux 36.0an all-round interesting looking Linux Distro!

7. EasyOS 2.7 – ‘a Distro everyone should try as a Fulltime Linux Root User!’

***** These have minor issues: *****

8/18/2021: Slackware Linux 15.0 – ‘Fulltime Linux Root User’ – for Oldest Distro!

2/28/2021: Kali Linux

2/17/2021: Slackware Linux – ‘World’s Oldest Surviving Linux Distribution‘

1/13/2021: Redcore Linux – ‘the Power of Gentoo Linux for ‘da Masses!’

12/15/2020: Mageia 7.1 Linux – ‘great Distro that also offers Fulltime Root User login!’

10/27/2020: OpenMandriva Lx 4.1 “Mercury” – ‘Top of the Line’ Linux Distro!

10/19/2020: EndeavourOS – ‘Root Login + Cinnamon DE + *NO* Pesky Passwords!’

10/17/2020: MX Linux – ‘Root Login + Xfce to Cinnamon + *NO* Pesky Passwords!’

10/15/2020: Elive – ‘maybe the best Linux OS ever made?’

10/12/2020: openSUSE – Tumbleweed ‘n Leap w/ no ‘Pesky Passwords’

10/11/2020: Garuda Linux – ‘King of the Arch Lineage’

10/07/2020: SparkyLinux – ‘Clunky’ Distro with Lots of Options

10/06/2020: PCLinuxOS – ‘So cool ice cubes are jealous’ – Linux Distro w/ Password options!!

Vanilla Arch Linux

Manjaro-Architect 20.0.3 (Update: 9/30/2020 – dropped to #5 because of Arch ‘n ‘Archies‘ infamous hardware recognition problems, this time its basic computer speakers Manjaro can’t recognize (?!?!). Original, see Ebb ‘n Flow of Karmi’s Top 10 ‘n 2000++ Linux Distros post)