Hostinger was the only Web Hosting Provider I tried again this year, after searching it & 3-4 other Shared Hosts for the best priced plan that caught my attention, and then discovering that my Account registration from last year was still active. All that was needed now was a 1-month plan and a Domain Name. Apparently, since I had an account from last year there was no $4.99 Setup Fee, I was just billed for 1-month @ $12.49. The “.online” domain was on sale for just $1.17.

I was ready for some OBT (On-the Blog Training) testing!

Hostinger’s hPanel

A Web Hosting Control Panel‘s ‘main purpose is to make managing a server easier. Therefore, you don’t need a control panel if you already know how to do it or want to implement custom controls.‘ Most of us bloggers ‘n potential bloggers don’t want to be managing a server whilst trying to blog or even setup a blog. 😉

What is the hPanel?

hPanel is a custom control panel designed by Hostinger. A control panel is a tool that lets users manage their hosting account quickly and easily without having to log into the server … What makes hPanel stand out is its intuitive and minimalist design, making it easy to understand and navigate.

The hPanel even lets you add more websites to it:

Karmi’s Musings

I may end up purchasing their 48 Months plan @ $2.49 a month ‘n renews at just $6.99 a month. That’s a total price of $119.52, in advance, for 4-years. The Domain is free the first year and then renews at the “regular rate” ($9.99 I believe?). I can have “100 Websites” and “100 Subdomain” – whatever ‘They are or can be. 😉

I’m talking 4-years of OBT (On-the Blog Training) *AND* Web Hosting training (OHT or OWHT?) for about $150 (w/ 3 added years for Domain renewal), which is less than $40 a year. After that, it’s either $83.88 a year – OR – possibly another 4-years at whatever they are charging for 4-years at that time. Anyway, I read somewhere today that it might work like that.

Point is, I’ve only scratched the surface of Web Hosting, but have seen enough to know that I should definitely dig deeper! 🙂

Pics of the hPanel

These are not in-depth pics of the hPanel’s workings, but will reflect how it manages WordPress blogs ‘n such:

From there, I’m going to Manage the new Linux Test Site:

That’s the Hostinger Dashboard for managing the Linux Test Site.

Next, some steps for getting to the WordPress Linux Test Site’s Admin Dashboard:

Open WordPress dropdown menu ‘n select Dashboard:

Select Edit Website:

That is the Admin Dashboard for the new Linux Test Site. I’ve deleted test posts on the site whilst still testing it. All kinds of free plugins…most of the WordPress Plugins are free there, but premium or paid options are available:

What Is a WordPress Plugin: A Comprehensive Guide for Beginners

Over 58,000 plugins are available to download from the WordPress plugin directory. Whatever your site’s needs are, there’s most likely a plugin to achieve them … While there are many free WordPress plugins available, you can also get premium or paid options. Free plugins offer basic functionality, while the paid options offer extra value like advanced features and dedicated support from developers.

Next set of pics involve the All-in-One WordPress Migration plugin:

You can also backup the new blog:

Whilst that All-in-One WordPress Migration plugin was free for the new Linux Test Site, you would need at least the Business plan on in order to export you blog to Hostinger:

I didn’t migrate my Business plan blog (now a Premium plan) because I didn’t want to mess it up, plus I was just not ready.

Now, Hostinger offers a free migration service when you request it, but I also don’t know how it works or if it works for Personal & Premium plans. Another reason I may buy that 48 Months plan @ $2.49 a month very soon, i.e., much more testing is needed.

Conclusion of Part 2

I may continue this series, or start a new OBT (On-the Blog Training) post or series, but for now I’m just pondering what’s next. Right now, this is where my testing has brought me. 😕

Will add this post and Part 1 to the Web Hosting Info ‘n Ideas page.

LINUX IS LIKE A BOX OF CHOCOLATES – you never know what you’re gonna get!