My WordPress Stats on the Nobara Linux 36 – ‘New modified version of Fedora Linux, for normal point & click users, and tailored for gaming, streaming, and content creation experience out of the box. post have disappeared (posted on 2022/09/19 at 10:06 am). Weird!? For two days after publishing it, it was showing up on top of my daily Posts & pages section, which is highly unusual for my just published posts. It normally takes a few days to a week to a month before my posts even start showing up in the Posts & pages section, i.e., most of my post views come from internet searches.

On that second day, 2022/09/21 at 9:45 pm, I published the Nobara Linux post makes Google First Page post. That Nobara Linux 36 post had so many views that I checked for it in a Google search, and it was already on the first page…posts about Linux Distros can make it to Google’s First Page wid a mere hundred or so views, but none of mine had ever made it in just two day…as far as I know.

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I ask: ‘Where Have All the Nobara Linux 36 *VIEWS* Gone? Where Did All the Nobara Linux 36 *VIEWS* Go?

Will probably just do another new post, copy all the first post’s content to it, and add “Part 2” or “Updated” in the Title. Have tried just updating the original post, but I don’t believe that works.

That Nobara Linux 36 post had remained at or near the top of the Posts & pages section from 2022/09/21 until 2022/10/19 and then all my views suddenly dropped on 2022/10/20. I was only getting an average of about a 100+ views a day, until that sudden drop, and now its been about 27 views a day.

LINUX IS LIKE A BOX OF CHOCOLATES – you never know what you’re gonna get!