As the October 2022 series section on the Web Hosting Info ‘n Ideas page mentions, I hate the WordPress Block Editor 🤢, but paying $300 a year for the Classic Editor ‘n 200GBs of Storage Space was going to be a waste of money, i.e., overkill for me.

I know more about brain & heart surgery than I do about Word Processors, and forget the rest of what goes in an Office Suite! Had been using MS Office Word for decades, but never came close to realizing its full potential…heck, I just mainly used it for Spelling & Grammar review of my blog posts, and for emails. Pasted it into the blog’s Editor and let it do the rest.

Moved to the LibreOffice Writer not too long ago (year or two??), but its spelling & grammar checker isn’t as good as Words. However, I now use Writer as my primary word processor, but keep Word on this main computer for certain tasks, e.g., double-checking Writer.

Word is mainly for businesses now, IMHO, but Writer works great for a novice word processor user like me!

How much of a novice at word processors am I? I just discovered yesterday that placing a simple ❝Block Quote❞ into a document wasn’t as easy as the WordPress Classic Editor was!?!? I could find no simple ” mark easily available…WHAT?!?!

Block Editor was murdering me when I tried to insert a quote or Bullet list, and now I couldn’t figure out how to do it in Writer either.

Hold on, MS Word will certainly make it easy for me…NOT!!! How to Add Block Quotes in Microsoft Word:

Dig this option!

Yeah, right! A novice word processor user is really going to try that! An easier way might have been in that “Ribbon” ‘Thangie, but I couldn’t find it there or on the internet.

OK…back to LibreOffice Writer, another search thru the “Ribbon” ‘Thangie wid no luck. OK, another internet search finally came up wid something. How to uniformly increase margins?:

A block quote is a paragraph (or set of paragraphs) isolated from the others having a specific formatting.

With such a definition, your best option is to use a dedicated paragraph style. Built-in Quotations is a good candidate.

OK…using the “style” as a reference I checked Writer’s ‘Thangies again and saw “Styles” which I opened:

\o/ ‘Hippity hip Hoorah‘ \o/

Fuk‘ you Block Editor 🤢 and Word!!! Yeah, Styles > Quotations did it, and solved my other problem wid Block Editor – inserting Bullet list (just below Quotations).

Ditto on the \o/ ‘Hippity hip Hoorah‘ \o/

Will add this post to the Office Suites ‘n Word Processors page…

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