I had been blogging before moving to WordPress in May of 2004, on Blogger before Google purchased it in 2003, but Google didn’t even try to hide their Progressive Political preferences back then so I left.

Never paid much attention to Stats until moving this blog to the Business plan around April of 2021, and had never paid any money for blog services before that move.

Have always just enjoyed blogging, but never cared for the technical workings of how ‘n what “Blogging” was about.

The WordPress.com email

However, recently I noticed a huge drop in views, and noticed that some blog posts like Nobara Linux 36 were no longer showing up on Google’s “First Page.” At the same time, WordPress had sent me an email about “Plugin Primer: Enter the world of plugins” that had a nice intro ‘n then said “We’ve covered our most often asked categories:” that had SEO, Performance & Security, and Analytics as Top 3 outta 8 entries.

All in One SEO (AIOSEO)

Have heard ‘n read (a little) on SEO, but since my blog is mainly for me, ‘Stuff‘ about SEO just wasn’t that interesting. At $300 a year on the Business plan I shouldn’t have to deal wid such a plugin, IMHO, and maybe WordPress should’ve already had it installed and setup for me – if I actually needed it – at least that is what I am starting to think after giving the All in One SEO plugin more than several tries over the past few days. 🤔

First install of that AIOSEO installed other plugins that I also didn’t know or care about how to set up. One left an obnoxious & annoying ‘Notice‘ on my Dashboard…can’t remember what it was now. The other was Google Analytics for WordPress by MonsterInsights plugin. Anyway, I was testing so much that I forget what all happened. 😉

So I started over again. I was ‘Tinkering‘ now, and when ‘Tinkering‘ I tend to wipe out stuff ‘n start over again. The Business plan comes wid a great backup ‘n restore plugin, the Jetpack, and I don’t believe that feature was included in my previous Free plan. Did a few blog restores whilst testing out the All in One SEO plugin, one restore required re-posting a post, but I just left out another post instead of re-posting it.

By the time I had finally figured out what setting worked best for me in AIOSEO, I also discovered that AIOSEO was causing a problem on my Twitter account – Karmi Tux @KarmiTux!?! Normally when I published a Tweet on a post, the Tweet showed the featured pic in that post, but now the Tweets were showing a BIG icon of my Site’s icon:

I want the featured image of my posts in my Tweets, and have Deactivated the All in One SEO & Google Analytics for WordPress by MonsterInsights plugins. Maybe my lack of knowledge caused the pic issue, but I’m done messing wid difficult plugins. I have tested Twitter without the AIOSEO, and it seems to be working right now, except for the one post where I discovered the issue. For whatever reason, that post’s picture ignores the featured pic ‘n goes wid the BIG icon of my Site’s icon (?!?).

Most of my site’s views come from Internet searches that will lead to one of my posts on the topic of a search. Maybe it’s my recent drop in posts on Linux or WordPress wanted me to pay more or Google just changed or updated something that caused a sudden drop…I dunno & don’t really care. Just want to get back to blogging, but all this has me hyped ‘n ready to check out some other Host sites before next March/April. 🙂

Web Hosting services

Last year I had done some searching on other Web Hosting services before moving to the WordPress Business plan, but it was overwhelming so I just went wid the WordPress Business plan. Created the Web Hosting Info ‘n Ideas page during the search.

At that time, it seemed that after the 2 or 3 year intro price, that the Host sites’ prices rose a lot and were around what WordPress was charging. I also had no clue what plan to take because I never knew what I actually needed to be safe, and still have a reliable blog to work wid.

I am going to check again this year, use what WordPress has set up in my Business plan here as a guide, and then compare their plans.

Another thing I found out last year, is that there is more to transferring you blog to another Host than just waving a magic wand. I like the Rowling theme, but was unable to find it at other Hosts. Post featured pics didn’t show up very good on the Front Page when I did transferring tests. Host sites I tested last year also didn’t have quick info available, and would usually take at least a day for a question to be answered.

If I find a close plan to what I have now for $100++ less I may move over to them. Internet searches are where most of my viewers come from anyway, so a different Front Page look might be OK. Also, most of those Hosts will transfer your blog for you, for around $100, if I recall correctly.

Block Editor vs Classic Editor

Main reason I moved to the Business plan is because I can’t stand that Block Editor, and WordPress seems wishy-washy on how long they will offer the Classic Editor – ‘Classic Editor is an official WordPress plugin, and will be fully supported and maintained until at least 2022, or as long as is necessary‘. The All in One SEO plugin doesn’t mention how long it will be maintained and neither did the other plugins I checked mention how long they will last.

All the Host sites I checked last year offered it freely. Ditto on WordPress being wishy-washy on the Classic Editor.


WordPress is hard to beat, but I am going to see if some other Host can thrash that $300 Business plan price over the long-term. No real complaints about WordPress other than how they forced Block Editor onto me wid out a choice…other than to pay $300 or more a year to use Classic Editor.

Don’t really feel like going thru this Web Host service search again, but all this recent irritation is still fresh on my mind so maybe now is a good time to check out Web Hosting ‘Thangs again.

From the way WordPress has my Business plan setup, it looks like Jetpack is a main feature, so maybe I’ll start with that as my starting point in this new search.

Will add this post to the Web Hosting Info ‘n Ideas page in case this ends up as another series…

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