BTW, she came up wid that “Bimbo” term…not me; however, ‘Bimbo‘ certainly fits her, huh!

Hard to believe that anyone would or could watch her on a podcast, but American Progressive women seem to thrive on hearing about women ‘Victims‘ and/or being ‘Victims‘ themselves.

She uses her looks to get a modeling job, then years later whines about it making her feel like a ‘Bimbo‘. Prostitute might have been a better word, but ‘Bimbo‘ Markle definitely suits her.

Speaking about American Progressive women whining years later, Christine Blasey Ford may hold the record for holding off her whining until over 30-years after her bogus claim. She’s at least 1st or 2nd in years of holding back her whines, huh? Well, there are so many of these whining Progressive women recently that Christine Blasey Ford may not hold the actual record.

Seems Blasey falsely claimed to have been ‘felt-up‘ at a high school party, over 30-years ago, and the Democratic party ran wid it as if she had been kidnapped by a gang of white men ‘n gang-raped for over 30-years!?!

However, California Gov. Gavin Newsom’s wife, Jennifer Siebel Newsom, may hold the record on most outlandish claim evah!

Jennifer Siebel Newsom asked Harvey Weinstein for sex scandal advice 2 years after alleged rape:

California Gov. Gavin Newsom’s wife, Jennifer Siebel Newsom, emailed Harvey Weinstein asking for help handling a sex scandal involving her husband — two years after she says the film producer raped her.

Jennifer Siebel Newsom is testifying in court that Harvey Weinstein raped her in “2004 or 2005″ (!?):

Siebel Newsom — known in the trial as Jane Doe 4 — emailed Weinstein in 2007 asking for advice on how to navigate the “bad press” that began when her then-boyfriend Gavin Newsom admitted to having an affair with his campaign manager’s wife.

Er, OK….American Progressive women, the Democratic party ‘n their MSM puppets, and the so-called “Legal System” in America.

Will also be posting this to my Big Brother Report blog…

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