I’ve installed ‘Vanilla‘ Arch Linux all kinds of ways, but this is my new favorite way to do it! I did this Arch Official method back on 8/10/2022 – wid the Vanilla‘ Arch Linux Cinnamon post – using their fairly new archinstall option, but this time I followed Derek’s ‘Install Arch Linux The Easy Way With The Official Install Script‘, on his YouTube DistroTube channel at the same time I had the archinstall script going on my Linux test computer.

Some ‘Prep‘ work

Download the Current Release: 2022.10.01 – which is archlinux-2022.10.01-x86_64.iso @ 798 MBs on which ever mirror is closest to you.

I was using two computers for the installation, but if you only have one computer then make a copy of the video on a USB, and then you can follow it on your TV.

  • UPDATE: Maybe do a ‘Dry Run‘ before doing the actual installation, i.e., use the ‘Live‘ bootable Arch USB to see what the steps say, but just don’t enter anything. Remember – “ESC to skip” the step.

During installation it will ask if you want to install any additional packages – I knew this would be asked and had made a list of packages to install. In the archinstall steps, it will be the “Additional packages to install” step:

Package Search will help you make a list. Make sure you include the dashes, e.g., you want to add the Gnome Disk Utility > do the search & the result is, gnome-disk-utility, so you enter it just like that.

  • Note: Derek makes a mistake during this when he tried to add some packages – instructions say: “Write additional packages to install (space separated, leave blank to skip)”. Starts around 9:00 minutes to 10:50 minutes before he discovered his mistake, i.e., he had put a comma for separation and instructions had said “space” for separation. Lesson: anyone can make mistakes trying to install an OS, so don’t fret if you make one. 🙂

Installing ‘Vanilla‘ Arch with Derek Taylor

Derek says it best from here:

Follow each step…pause it until you are ready:

Then follow some more steps ‘n pause as you decide what option/s you want, i.e., 1) Derek wanted to install a standard user, but I didn’t because I am root on my computers. 2) Derek was using a virtual machine so he didn’t need to install a Graphics driver (8:12 minutes), but I installed the Nvidia (proprietary) option:

He skips at least one Step at the end … I paused when he skipped & checked it out, e.g., on the “Configure network” step I added NetworkManager. Seems I normally added it when installing Arch the older CLI way, and in this archinstall script it says to add NetworkManager for GNOME & KDE. I did it for Cinnamon ‘n had no issues.

Again, pause the DistroTube video if you have questions. If you only have one computer, maybe do a ‘Dry Run‘ in order to see what questions might arise, and then do the install later. I’m referring to a ‘Dry Run‘ right now, i.e., am using the ‘Live‘ bootable Arch USB to see what the steps say. Remember – “ESC to skip” the step.

Follow him on into the “reboot” ‘n see how easy the installation was wid the archinstall script whilst following Derek’s video.


Be sure to bookmark Derek’s DistroTube site in order to check on other Distros you might want to try, especially if you’re a Windows user looking to check Linux out.

Was impressed by ‘Vanilla‘ Arch not requiring me to add a ‘Password Dependent‘ user! Just the root user login wid the root’s password, and no annoying “Authenticate” popups after you logged in! I may give ‘Vanilla‘ some bonus points for that, and move it up to Tier Four on the Karmi’s Top 10++ Linux Distros page. Will definitely add ‘Vanilla‘ Arch to the Distros w/ *NO* “Authenticate” popup or other ‘Pesky Passwords page.

Will add this series on the Windows 11 page…

LINUX IS LIKE A BOX OF CHOCOLATES – you never know what you’re gonna get!