I’ve followed ‘VanillaArch Linux for a few years now, even started a page on how to install Vanilla Arch Linux a couple years ago, and occasionally add a new post on Arch in general. Arch ‘n the Arch-based OSes are some of the most unstable Linux Distros/OSes, and ‘VanillaArch is definitely one of the slowest Linux OSes to fix broken ‘Thangs, e.g., this:

This problem is from Current Release: 2022.10.01 – which is archlinux-2022.10.01-x86_64.iso @ 798 MBs.

Part 1 – Intro

This is going to be a quick series, mainly about Derek Taylor (noooo, not the former press officer for the Beatles). This Derek Taylor:

Derek Taylor is the only video/YouTube Linux enthusiast that I watch, just occasionally when coming across one of his, but am not a subscriber even tho we share the same mobile ‘Barber‘.  He does a great job, IMHO. At least I can watch an entire video of his. 😉 Most of the others Linux video enthusiasts are so bad that I can’t get past 3-10 seconds of their production/s.

  • Note: am not a fan of YouTube or other video presentations unless I am very interested in the topic, and the presentation is excellently done.

DistroWatch showed that Arch has a new current release, and when I started checking ‘Thangs out there was a mention of Derek during the search. More on that in another Part…

Arch Linux & ‘Bugs

Arch Linux always seems to have ‘Bugs‘ that are coming, staying for a short while, and then going in order to make room for new ‘Bugs‘ arriving, apparently. In the Panels’ app/icon pic above, it shows the System Settings icon basically missing, when using the Adwaita icons option.

On August 10, 2022 I posted this – Vanilla‘ Arch Linux Cinnamon vs Porteus 5.0 Linux Cinnamon – Attn: Windows 11 & Windows 10 users. Had the same System Settings icon issue, and the Arch Linux (Cinnamon DE) Developers haven’t bothered to fix it in the new Current Release: 2022.10.01.

However, this time, I did a little more experimenting ‘n found that the HighContrast System Settings icon showed up correctly, if you can stand the HighContrast icon ‘Look‘ (I can’t).


  1. Derek Taylor uses ArcoLinux, I enjoy his videos (that I have watched), and we share the same mobile ‘Barber‘.
  2. Arch Linux has a new Current Release: 2022.10.01 out.

Da Timing is right! ‘Da Stars are aligned! ‘Thusly, another Linux Newbie series has Begun

Part 2 will focus on who Derek Taylor is, and why Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 + 8 + 8.1, Win10, and Win11 users should check him out if they are interested in giving Linux a try.

LINUX IS LIKE A BOX OF CHOCOLATES – you never know what you’re gonna get!