How many Linux users know that they can Auto Scroll in Firefox ‘n Waterfox? Last I checked Linux could not Auto Scroll in Vivaldi ‘n Opera browsers, but it possibly can wid the Google Chrome ‘n Edge browsers if you jump-thru-hoops of addons ‘n extensions. Firefox ‘n Waterfox just require a simple settings change. Linux can’t Auto Scroll in the SeaMonkey browser either. Windows OSes Auto Scroll automatically in all browsers w/o settings changes…as far as I know, i.e., it does in the ones I mentioned.

For additional info see the Linux ‘n the basic Wheel Mouse – Autoscrolling in Firefox ‘n Waterfox post.

What is Auto Scroll and/or Scroll Continuously?

Setup “autoscrolling” in Firefox ‘n Waterfox

1) Will use Fedora Linux to take pics…open Firefox:

Note the red circle at the top – open that application menu.

2) Click on the menu’s Settings option:

3) Scroll down the General page until you reach Browsing:

That’s it! If you have a basic Auto Scroll Wheel Mouse you should be able to autoscroll in Firefox ‘n Waterfox now. If you use another Distro or browser, check the settings or addon options or extension options since I haven’t check what all 3,000+++++ Linux OSes can do.

Auto Scroll your Blog

Auto Scroll whilst you shop

Auto Scroll the News

Note: for some reason the scrolling cursor icon didn’t show up in the Firefox videos. These ‘Thingies:

Looks like the scrolling cursor in the red circle here:

Auto Scroll can save wrist pain, etc. if you use the mouse a lot…plus it is just much easier when making long reads or searches or etc. Push in on the Scroll Wheel, move the cursor down a ‘Tad and let go of the mouse whilst Auto Scroll takes over, i.e., “hands-free” to grab a snack or drink or pen or etc.! 😉

LINUX IS LIKE A BOX OF CHOCOLATES – you never know what you’re gonna get!