Most Linux users don’t know what Auto Scroll (or continuous scroll) is – see the Linux and the basic Wheel Mouse post if you don’t.

On my semiretired blog I have an old old old Page on the Abrahamic Religions, which was started somewhere around 2001-2004 (back when I used HTML to write posts), but I don’t remember when I actually started it!? It was started on Blogger before Google purchased it, and then I moved to WordPress in May of 2004. I’m using that 94 page Word document, and opened it wid LibreOffice to do this post.

Windows 11 comes wid Xbox Game Bar, which can be used for all kinds of neat ‘Stuff‘, e.g., to capture game clips, screenshots, porn videos, create WordPress posts, etc. Hmm, maybe I should do a “Can Linux do this?” post on Xbox. 😉

  • Just added a ‘Can Linux do this? Category ‘n may turn it into a WP Page.

Anyway, I open that old Word .doc wid Writer, and Xbox Game Bar is opened wid the Windows logo key + G:

Then I can show Linux users how to Auto Scroll wid an Auto Scroll Wheel Mouse. Hmm, all basic Wheel Mouses might have the Auto Scroll function now…seems I read that somewhere.

  • I had a long 4-5 minute version, but it was a huge file that no one would spend 4-5 minutes looking at. It was *HUGE* 😉

Comes in handy for reading Office Suite documents…works really great wid LibreOffice Calc, if you use spreadsheets.

I have a great Part 2 in store for Linux users…stay tuned!

LINUX IS LIKE A BOX OF CHOCOLATES – you never know what you’re gonna get!