After a recent lightning strike (or surge), I am now down to 3 desktop computers ‘n 1 Dell XPS 13 lappy all running Win11 Pro. The converted Chromebook runs just Linux. Truthfully, 6 desktop computers had gotten too crowded. Lost the ‘Antec Jr. & ‘CM130to the strike/surge, but managed to salvage parts. I never used the DIYPCcomputer so just moved it out to a storage shed. Gutted the InWinSmall Form Factor (SFF) computer for the MoBo, added salvaged parts, and built the Frankenstein computer, ‘Frank‘ for short. See the Buy Low or BYOC – ‘Build Your Own Computer page for more info.

The Dell lappy (AKA ‘XPS13‘) came wid its Windows OS, but I had purchased all the other computers Win10 Pro OSes from places like VIP-URcdkey & KINGUIN, an OEM Key for $12-19…as I recall. Upgraded them & XPS13 to Win11 Pro when it came out, and am now in the process of getting all those OSes upgraded to the Windows 11‘s 22H2 version.

Apevia‘ had an update icon show up in the Taskbar’s notification area around 9:30 PM EST on 9/20/2022, which was the official release date of version 22H2 that I had forgotten about, until the notification showed up. Only one issue showed after updating to 22H2, i.e., my Chess Titans games had to be reinstalled…no biggie since I have saved that zip file for years. It’s also known as Windows 7 games for Windows 10, but it works on Windows 11. Microsoft keeps getting better ‘n better, and this Windows 11 is the best yet!

Next morning, Wednesday 9/21/2022, I updated the ‘Rose‘ computer to version 22H2, and no issues other than having to reinstall Chess Titans. I only play the Chess, Hearts, and Solitaire games, but have enjoyed the Chess for years ‘n years.

However, 4-days now ‘n the new ‘Frank‘ computer & XPS13 lappy haven’t been offered the update yet. Am in no rush tho, so will wait for the rollout to comes back around to them.

I also downloaded the 22H2 ISO to have, plus had Microsoft create a new 22H2 USB for me. Am doing some tests wid both the ISO & 22H2 USB, but nothing major.

Windows 11 22H2 Update: 8 Best New FeaturesMicrosoft adds accessibility, touch gestures, and new apps in this major update to Windows 11.

  1. Drag and Drop for the Taskbar
  2. Folders on the Start Menu (that looks very interesting!)
  3. Updated File Explorer
  4. Live Captions (also interesting!)
  5. New Touch Gestures
  6. Updated Task Manager
  7. New Inbox Apps: ClipChamp, Sound Recorder
  8. Smart App Control

Yeah, if you want *REAL* security, then Windows 11 is the only OS to use. Well, Chrome OS is also extremely secure, but I’m not a fan of it.

Discrete TPM or Firmware TPM

  • NOTE: Day two of this post, 9/25/2022. There are always a few Windows users (who should probably be using Chromebooks) who whine about how bad Windows OSes are. Absolutely nothing wrong wid Windows 10 & Windows 11 at least 99.999999999999999999% of the time. Most all Windows issues are caused by 1) the user adding new software or hardware or a setting’s change or not keeping up wid maintenance like regular Disk cleanups & Disk Error checking (scan disk) & Optimize (Defrag). 2) OEM issues. 3) combination of Windows user & OEM issues.

I mentioned doing some tests on “both the ISO & 22H2 USB” last night, which will continue, but I am also testing all “3 options” mentioned on the Download Windows 11 page. This morning I tested option #1, the “Windows 11 Installation Assistant,” to see if I could upgrade to version 22H2 that way.

That was done fast ‘n easy on the Frank‘ computer, without asking me a bunch of question, *AND* it did the upgrade from 21H2 to 22H2 without changing or losing anything. Well, I will have to reinstall the Chess Titans games (AKA Windows 7 games for Windows 10), but everything else is the same.

It actually took 2 tries…the 1st attempt stopped the installation and said this version of Windows could not be installed because the computer doesn’t have TPM 2.0 enabled!?!?

OK…motherboards can offer different ‘Descriptions‘ of TPM 2.0 and who knows what else!? 😉 Anyway, the Frankenstein’s Mini ITX Asus PRIME H310I-PLUS TPM settings are listed under BIOS > Advanced > PCH-FW Configuration > TPM Device Selection – as “Discrete TPM” so I changed that to “Firmware TPM” instead. Nothing said TPM 2.0, and Windows 11 version 21H2 was already install on this computer; however, the Win11 Pro was on the ‘InWin‘ motherboard that I used to build ‘Frank‘ so maybe ‘sOmEtHiNg‘ happened since I built that computer 3-years ago, with Win10 Pro as the original OS. My other computers’ motherboards had mentioned TPM 2.0.

Windows users who can’t figure out something that simple should be using Chromebooks or Arch Linux, IMHO. 😉 Anyway, that setting was probably why Windows didn’t already upgrade ‘Frank‘ to 22H2…maybe.

Apevia, Rose, and Frank are now on version 22H2. The Dell XPS 13 is still on Win11 Pro version 21H2, but I pretty much let Dell’s SupportAssist handle most all updates ‘n driver changes (e.g. BIOS), and the Settings Windows Update handles the rest. Just checked the Dell’s BIOS (F2 key) ‘n TPM 2.0 “security” is already set.

  • Oh, I also did a full system image backup on all computers, wid the free Backup and Restore (Windows 7) (located in Control Panel) app before making any changes or tests.
  • UPDATE 9/26/2022: Have made this a two part series and will add the posts to the Windows 11 page.


The Windows 11 22H2 rollout will be in stages, so don’t panic if your computer hasn’t been updated yet. Microsoft has known what it is doing for decades, and when they added Satya Nadella as their Chairman and CEO it has excelled at everything.

LINUX IS LIKE A BOX OF CHOCOLATES – you never know what you’re gonna get!