I worked on trying to install Gentoo Linux for about 10 hours yesterday, after having tried their “New” Gentoo KDE Plasma LiveGUI ISO the day before.

Am trying to recover from yesterday’s beating, today. Have you ever spent 10 hours or so trying to install Gentoo Linux? Got it installed, which I have done before, but could not get the KDE graphical desktop to work!?!?!? Just the command prompt installation version where I logged in as root, but could not boot into the GUI desktop from there. It’s sorta a maze type of nightmare where each step seems to lead to many more options of other steps that “might be needed” before it will work. I finally gave up yesterday after something said I might need to add something else since I had a Nvidia card…*NOW* you tell me!?!?!? 😉

Am close, so saved the test SSD as is for now, and may give it another try .. may give it another try .. maybe soon. 😉 It appears that after logging in, you can type startx and it will boot into the GUI desktop, IF you have everything right.

Gentoo KDE Plasma LiveGUI

Downloaded the livegui-amd64-20220911T170535Z.iso @ 3.87GB and it was easy to create the ‘Live‘ bootable USB…both Rufus & Etcher worked in tests.

Boot wid the new USB and it goes to the GNU Grub – then right into the KDE Plasma desktop.

Makes you wish that Gentoo was easier to install! 😉 The LiveGUI is really smooth…an excellent OS ‘n too bad the LiveGUI is only for testing teasing you! I tried to create persistent storage on the USB, but still had no option to save changes when I shutdown or rebooted.

Popularity of Gentoo Linux

If your Distro isn’t listed in that chart then DistroWatch has been lying to you. Oh, if that link doesn’t work, then try the WordPress Reader…DistroWatch had blocked me in the past (they hate Truth!).

Larry the Cow

Larry the Cow is one of Gentoo’s unofficial mascots. He was first unveiled on the Gentoo Forums by a user called Nefarius.

Why is Larry an unofficial mascot? This is a good question.


In the past there have been controversies over Larry the Cow’s title. Since Larry is a male (he has no udders) he should properly be called “Larry the Bull”. A 🪳bug was filed for this inconsistency, however it was decided to take no action. The Gentoo community lives and must live with the results.


Gentoo has a sick sense of humor, hence their teasing you wid a Gentoo KDE Plasma LiveGUI ISO that you can test, but not save changes on. 😉

May do some more testing on that Gentoo KDE Plasma LiveGUI USB, to see if I can get it to save settings ‘n changes…sorta a double-check in case I missed something.

Will add this post to the Gentoo ‘n Redcore Linux ‘n Pentoo ‘n T2_SDE page.

LINUX IS LIKE A BOX OF CHOCOLATES – you never know what you’re gonna get!