Crystal Linux is a new Linux OS that is still under development so I wasn’t expecting much when I briefly tested it this morning. For the past couple of years (or so) I have mainly looked for Linux OSes that at least offer the Fulltime Linux Root User option. I don’t need some Enterprise focused ‘Linux Nanny‘ Distro constantly tossing annoying “Authenticate” popups at me ‘n also demanding ‘Pesky Passwords‘ of me whilst I’m working.

Went wid the 1.89GB crystal-live-08-20-22-07-55-x86_64.iso. Used balenaEtcher to create the ‘Live’ bootable USB.

I had read that they have a ‘custom GUI Jade installer‘ but I couldn’t find it until running a search…there it was:

Had to also run a search for the screenshot app to grab the pics here. Maybe the crystal-rootfs-08-20-22-07-55-x86_64.tar.gz file works better than the iso, but I work mainly wid iso’s for ‘Live‘ bootable media. No biggie, it is still under development.

Here’s what caught my eye during this test:

“Enable superuser account” – I don’t ever recall any Linux OS offering the root user this way, but *LOVE* the way Crystal’s Developers bring it in!!! More on that in a moment…

This Crystal Linux: An Avant-garde Mix of Arch Linux and GNOME article also mentions that it offers the Cinnamon DE, and it did:

That article also mentions that the Crystal Developers said:

We’ve realized that a lot of distros are rather “conservative” with the technologies they use, which is why we aim to make a easy to use desktop experience that also uses more modern/less popular Linux technologies. You could say it’s the fedora of arch, bringing new stuff.


I couldn’t find the screenshot app in final installation so didn’t grab any pics of that install. No biggie, it is still under development.

However, I will keep an eye on the Crystal Linux development since the “Enable superuser account” worked great…just select “other” user and then use the “username” user’s password. Yes, interesting ‘n it worked!

LINUX IS LIKE A BOX OF CHOCOLATES – you never know what you’re gonna get!