This is the fourth day ‘n I’m a tad wary to post about it…after having horrid internet service for over five-weeks now. See Karmi’s Musings – Down ‘n Out in Old Town, Florida post from 6/18/2022.

No one said they were working on the signal. Engineers sent me a ridiculous “Signal” video telling me I was fine, wid 0.09 – 0.455 kbps speeds, because ‘four green bars means great signal‘!?!

Know what kind of speeds I am getting wid just two AMBER bars?

You’ve already seen the above logo speed…here are a few more:


Better speeds…hopefully it stays this good! 😉 Course it depends on time of day, weekends, and holidays, but speeds are still good even then…so far.  🤞

\o/ ’Hippity hip Hoorah’ \o/