Had tested Regata OS 21 some months ago ‘n forgot about doing it…oops! I keep my favorite Linux ISO’s & ‘To be Tested‘ ISO’s on an external SSD, and the disk needs thinning ‘n updated…occasionally at least.

I had the Regata_OS_21-nv_en-US.x86_64-21.0.46.iso @ 3.46 GB, and now Regata OS 22 is out. I went ahead ‘n retested the Regata 21 ISO again, and then remembered why I had set it aside instead of doing a full test ‘n possible review if I liked it.

Two minor issues back then, after installation, had caused me to pause further testing…

1) Had to manually set clock:

2) How to turn off NumLock on Plasma Startup: System Settings >> Keyboard and Mouse >> Keyboard.

I had liked the Regata OS, but trying to ‘Tweak‘ a Linux OS can be difficult, especially when you are just not in the mood to look at another Linux OS. That was also around the time that I was just discovering how good Porteus Linux was. Porteus Linux turned out to be even better than that!

Anyway, I fixed those two issues today, and have just finished testing Regata OS 21. Am glad I just didn’t delete the ISO. BTW, I keep a list (one list) of Linux OSes that offer a ‘Fulltime Linux Root User‘ option ‘n those that Don’t ‘n those in the middle wid aggravating issues.

Without that list, I end up retesting Distros wid annoying “Authenticate” popup/s or other ‘Pesky Passwords’ that are a waste of my time. YUK!!!

OK…wid those two minor issues gone lets take a look at…

Regata OS 21 KDE Plasma

Regata OS is a Brazilian Linux OS, which is based on openSUSE, and has a strong focus on gaming – whilst also offering plenty of other options for Linux Desktop users.

Download ‘n installation were easy ‘n fast. For downloads if you have a NVIDIA card:

Select the “Regata OS with NVIDIA driver” option. Have a AMD toy GPU? Suks to be you, huh! 😉

Other than the two minor issues mentioned earlier, I have not seen other issues, and in fact it is an excellent OS…excellent ‘n smooth! I’m no Gamer, but it looks like they offer a lot in that area.

Regata OS Store seems loaded wid games:

Tools ‘n Utilities & much more:

That Regata OS Store is loaded!

Here is – About this System:

The Regata app launcher ‘n panel icons:

It has some Okular document viewer ‘Thangie, but no office suite. Regata OS ‘has native integration with Google Drive which, as its name suggests, is Google’s file storage and synchronization service‘ which may be the reason for no office suites already installed.

  • Just tried to install LibreOffice, but it is fuked up…can’t open Writer ‘n its “Templates” are ridiculous. App launcher doesn’t list Writer or other apps in the suite, just a LibreOffice ‘Thangie. 😒 I can’t spend any more time on it…just an Office Suite, but a must for my reviews. Major negative for Regata OS, and stops me from placing it on Karmi’s Top 10 Linux Distros page. A Gamer would probably ignore that issue, but I require an easy ‘n simple Word Processor. Just remembered, testing openSUSE & Glecko recently, and they had issues. Other openSUSE-based OSes also. All seemed to be doing great, and then some issue at the last minute!?! Most had Nvidia issues… 😞

Gorgeous DE & default wallpaper:


If you’re into games, then this might be one of the better Linux OSes for gaming wid.

Will add this post to the Special *PURPOSE* Linuxes, the KDE Plasma – ‘Newb TidBits‘, and the Distros w/ *NO* “Authenticate” popup or other ‘Pesky Passwords’ pages.

LINUX IS LIKE A BOX OF CHOCOLATES – you never know what you’re gonna get!