Fingers crossed…speeds are up since 6:30 AM EST. Over 5 1/2-hours…longest for over two weeks.

I was within 10-20 seconds of cancelling the account a few days ago…then told the support lady to hold off and that I was going to wait a month longer.

Why doesn’t Verizon let customers know that their internet may be slow ‘n erratic for a month or two?! Just let me know that you’re working on the signal to increase speed ‘n performance. Instead I went thru 2 long support sessions, and then a cancel session I backed out of.

Plus added my old Jetpack to my phone account…that was $80 before I got it working for the next month. Price is no real biggie at this point, well, $800 would’ve been a no-no! 😉

I can cancel the Jetpack if this stays steady for a month…

Over 5 3/4-hours now…yeah, I’m a really slow typist. 😉

Speeds are about double of my previous ‘Normal‘ speeds…one more time:

This is the Google speed site that they apparently took from Stadia:

Right at 6-hours now…

  • 8:20 PM Update: Slowed back down to a crawl around 4:35 PM…great speeds for 10-hours ‘n it looks like they are still working on it. Amber light on front of router means great speeds. Green light means great signal for phone ‘n terrible speeds for surfing. We  shall see…