Tired of the slow USB flash drives? I don’t mind them for small data transfers, but they can be slow when transferring 20-50 GBs. I purchased a SanDisk Extreme Portable SSD V2 500GB a year or two ago, and have found it very useful for fast transfers of all kinda of data. More expensive than the Portable SSD T7 USB 3.2 500GB that I just purchased, but wid basically the same read/write speeds.

PCIe NVMe technology delivers blazing fast sequential read/write speeds of up to 1,050/1,000 MB/s

Works best if your computer has USB Type-C ports, but is still fast even on Type-A ports.

My Verizon LTE Home Internet has dropped to kbps speeds Recently, and until that issue gets resolved I need to apparently drive 20-miles to get 25 Mbps speeds right now for big downloads.

I did a test drive yesterday…wid my Dell XPS13, the SanDisk Extreme Portable, and my Verizon Jetpack. Driving to Old Town, 7-miles away, got me 10-16 Mbps speeds which isn’t bad, so may do that trip instead of the 20-miles to Walmart. I go to Walmart once a week for shopping so may take a ‘Download List‘ wid me then.

Did have 2-3 hours yesterday wid great speeds, so maybe Verizon can get it fixed before I close the LTE Home Internet account. Will give them another month after the speeds I got briefly yesterday:

Yeah, I downloaded a *LOT* of stuff yesterday at those speeds!

Anyway, I moved away from the one HDD that I was still using yesterday…just too slow for transferring ISO’s and other data, and will use a SSD for saving ISO’s from now on. The new Portable PCIe NVMe USB 3.2’s will handle transfers and be used for some backups of stuff.

$77.99 is a great price for that type of speeds…I wanted the Red, but they were $22 more, so I got the Gray instead. 😉

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