We’re getting 24/7 news from MSM blaming the “police response” & individual Police Officers for the Texas massacre, but I haven’t seen a mention of who that *TEACHER* is. Why not? Is the *TEACHER* a member of the National Education Association (NEA) teacher’s labor union and/or the American Federation of Teachers (AFT) labor union?

Is the Democratic party ‘n its MSM puppets protecting this *TEACHER* ‘n the National Education Association (NEA) ‘n the American Federation of Teachers (AFT) labor unions…unions that fully support the Democratic party?

Was the Robb Elementary School’s Administrators more focused on teaching Critical Race Theory (CRT) (or some other Democratic party *HATE* message) than the security of its students?

Seems to me it all starts when that *TEACHER* props open that door…

What we know and don’t know in the Texas massacre

11:27: Video shows a teacher propping open a school door to the outside, McCraw said Friday. The door is “typically locked,” said Ross McGlothlin, a former principal for the school. “It’s an exterior door that you don’t need to go to unless you’re leaving to go home on a school bus,” McGlothlin said.

NOTE: Read earlier that the door was propped open in order to retrieve a cellphone, the panicked *TEACHER* calls 911, and then forgets to close the door.

11:31 a.m.: The teacher who kept the door open called 911 to report the crash and a man with a gun, McCraw said.

11:33 a.m.: The shooter walked into the west side of the school through the door propped open by the teacher, McCraw said. The shooter fired more than 100 rounds into classroom 111 or 112, which are adjoined, McCraw said.

NOTE: “shooter fired more than 100 rounds into classroom 111 or 112” – that’s a lot of rounds fired before 11:37 a.m. What was he shooting at?

11:37 a.m.: More shots are heard from inside the classrooms. Officers gather in the hallway, McCraw said.

Ditto on the – Seems to me it all starts when that *TEACHER* props open that door…

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