I’ve been blogging for free wid WordPress since 2004 ‘n wid Blogger before that.


That’s a pic from the Archives widget of ‘Semi-RetiredThe Swamp Hermit’s Report.

Never really paid much attention to Blog Stats until I moved the Linux Newbie – since 1996 blog from Free to a Business Plan on April 7, 2001. It is the only blog I’ve ever paid for ‘n no regrets at all…in fact, just renewed the Business Plan for another year, tho I am ‘eyeing‘ their new $180 WordPress Pro plan as a future move.

WordPress doesn’t show the new pricing of the WordPress Pro plan when I click on the “Upgrades” section of my Business Plan’s WP Admin Dashboard…it still shows the $4 Personal, $8 Premium, the Business & eCommerce plans; however, when I click on the WP Admin Dashboard “Upgrades” of my free blogs it shows the new WordPress Free & WordPress Pro pricing plans.

  • Yes, WordPress, I am ‘eyeing‘ a downgrade to your $180 WordPress Pro plan for next year. Best I can tell, it is the same as the Business plan, but wid 50GB’s of storage instead of 200GB. Offers the Classic Editor also, which is a must for me.

Right now I have the Linux Newbie – since 1996 blog, the The Swamp Hermit’s Report semi-retired blog, the fairly new Big Brother Report blog, and a private ‘Test‘ blog that will probably never be launched.

Are Free Plans’ Blog Stats accurate?

Take a look at my unlaunched privateTest‘ blog’s stats:

Where are those “Views” coming from?! I am the only one wid access to the private website…if I posted the link to it, you would see a large blue screen wid “Coming Soon” on it. The Opera browser will show me the private website, since I am logged in on that browser, but Vivaldi – Edge – Chrome – Waterfox – Firefox browsers all show “Coming Soon.”

  • Ditto on Where are those “Views” coming from?!

Are Paid Plans’ Blog Stats more accurate than Free Plans?

I noticed the drop in views last year soon after I made the move from the Free to Business plan on April 7, 2021, but didn’t think much about it until I started noticing recently the view stats on the private ‘Test‘ site showing up. Following 2 pics are from the Linux Newbie – since 1996 blog…

Average views per day:

Months and years:

The sudden drop in views are obvious, IMHO, tho I am not sure what it actually proves. Maybe the Paid Plans make a better effort at accuracy? Maybe most business type of people who are paying want to make sure their view counts are accurate?

Big Brother Report – November 24, 2021

Here are stats from the ‘old‘ free plan Big Brother Report blog…

Average views per day:

Months and years:

Blog was created November 24, 2021 wid a focus on the growing numbers of phone & tablet readers. I went wid the Independent Publisher 2 theme by Raam Dev:

Looks like Big Brother Report might be doing better in its first 7-months than the Linux Newbie – since 1996 blog did in its first 7-months, but I don’t think that is going to last long. Linux isn’t a popular subject, but many of my posts make it to Google’s “First Page” so the views grow from people searching. Big Brother Report is mainly news ‘n politics so competition for the “First Page” kicks my buttocks there.

Yeah, high Search Engine results keeps the Linux Newbie – since 1996 blog plodding along. Have made some tweaks ‘n adds here ‘n there for a tad more readers. Still Billions ‘n Billions (5 Billion?) of people are on the internet, so my mere 70,344 views in 3-years ‘n 4-months ain’t squat. 😉 However, that’s more than ‘Semi-RetiredThe Swamp Hermit’s Report has since May of 2004.


Blogging is fun!!!

  • PS. Have added new Category: Karmi’s Musings

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