This post is under the category – TidBits ‘n Gadgets which is sorta separate from the TidBits ‘n Gadgets page…sorta. 😉 I like hubs wid power switches because I am usually only using 1 or 2 ports at a time, but might have 3-4 USBs plugged into the hub.

Also do a lot of Linux testing, sometimes installing them to USB Drives, and those tests can have 2-3 USBs involved – ‘Live‘ bootable USB + a Target USB + a Data USB for pics ‘n such.

Just purchased a SABRENT 36W 7-Port USB 3.0 Hub with Individual Power Switches and LEDs Includes 36W 12V/3A Power Adapter (HB-BUP7) for $41.72 w/ Tax ‘n free shipping. Getting a hub wid its own power source bumps up the price quite a bit.

It will have a Porteus USB ‘n a Fedora USB plugged into it all the time, and possibly another Linux favorite OS also. During tests it could also have the above mentioned Live‘ bootable USB + a Target USB + a Data USB for pics ‘n such.

I’ve used the SABRENT 4-Port USB 3.0 Hub for years ‘n years, and they ran $8-10 usually, but it got its power from the computer. Americans went for big spending Democrats last time, so *ALL* prices are up now, e.g. that 4-Port hub is running @ $12.74 right now w/o Taxes ‘n no free shipping @ that price:

Can’t always get 4 USBs plugged in tho and I usually end up just getting 3 USBs plugged in. Size matters, width wise, when the hub’s port layout is like that pic. That means I usually need another 4-port hub plugged into another port since 4-ports are not enough on my main Linux testing machine, ‘Antec Jr.

The SABRENT 36W 7-Port USB 3.0 Hub is going to replace two 4-port hubs, which I can now use elsewhere when needed.

SABRENT has all kinds of other Hubs tho, e.g. the SABRENT 10-Port Hub Includes 3 Smart Charging Ports with Individual Power Switches and LEDs + 60W 12V/5A Power Adapter (HB-B7C3) @ $44.99…I almost bought that one, but I already have plenty of handy Charging Ports scattered where they are needed.

The true SABRENT 10-Port Hub was just too high for me @ $59.97 before Tax, but has free shipping.

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