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Is Russia now LOSING in Eastern Ukraine? Putin’s propagandist ‘war reporter’ dares to criticise generals and says their troops ‘can’t push out Ukrainian forces’:

  • Aleksandr Sladkov made a rare admission of Russia’s military struggles
  • He spoke in a video that was shared on social media from Donetsk, in Donbas
  • Sladkov said Russian forces were fighting one-on-one with Ukrainian troops
  • This, he said, meant they were making no progress in Ukraine’s eastern region

He said that Vladimir Putin’s so-called special military operation was ‘shamefully indecisive’, that Russian troops ‘can’t push out Ukrainian forces’, and that Moscow’s armies are ‘making a feat out of something that should be routine’.

He continued: We are making a feat out of something that should be routine. You see? Their forces keep coming, we can’t close the sailient (a military term that can also be called a bulge into military territory).

Watch the video in this next article!

Harrowing vid shows entire Russian ‘Z tank’ column being blown up in barrage as Ukraine rains death on Putin’s invaders:

THIS is the moment an entire column of Russian tanks was blown to smithereens in a lethal barrage as Ukraine rains death on Vladimir Putin’s invaders.

The striking footage shows Ukrainian troops unleashing hell on dozens of the Russian tyrant’s war machines.

Ukrainian counter-attack drives Russian troops back to their own border near Kharkiv as Kyiv shuts off pipeline carrying up to a THIRD of Russia’s gas into Europe:

Ukraine has driven Russian troops back to their own border near Kharkiv and now threatens supply lines into Donbas as Putin’s army suffers another humiliating loss.

Meanwhile, Ukraine’s gas pipe operator announced that it will cut off a supply hub in a Russian-controlled part of Donbas which transports up to a third of its gas into Europe, starting today.

It marks the first time that pipelines carrying gas – the lifeblood of Russia’s economy and vital source of funding for its military – have been affected by the war, which has now been grinding on for more than two months.

Top defense officials say Vladimir Putin does not want to take on NATO in a fight and that the use of hypersonic weapons is not ‘game changing’ as Russian leader struggles to achieve his objectives in Ukraine:

  • Milley also said Moscow’s use of hypersonic weapons was not a ‘game changer’

The United States does not believe that Vladimir Putin has any desire to fight N.A.T.O., Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin said Wednesday, as the Russian president struggles to achieve his goals in Ukraine.

That’s been clear since day 2 of the Russian invasion. ‘Paper Bear‘ Putin has exposed Russia’s Military weaknesses to the entire world…*EVERYONE* – including ‘Paper Bear‘ Putin – now knows this fact. He should blow his own brains out for such a traitorous act against the country he is supposedly leading!

  • BTW, for a perspective on the sizes of Bear Traps, here is a small version of one…

  • Ukraine is using a much *BIGGER* one! 😉

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