Less than a month after the Sinking of the Moskva, it looks like Russia just lost the Russian frigate Admiral Makarov, a much newer ‘n more modern warship. The Ukrainians keep ‘Pouring Cold Water‘ onto ‘Paper Bear‘ Putin’s planned Victory Day parade, huh.

Putin’s new flagship ‘on FIRE in Neptune missile strike near Snake Island’ weeks after Moskva sunk, Ukraine claims:

VLADIMIR Putin’s new flagship is on fire after being hit by a missile off the coast of Snake Island, Ukrainian officials have claimed.

The 409ft Admiral Makarov has reportedly been struck by the same Neptune missiles that sunk the Russian missile cruiser Moskva in the Black Sea last month.

Ukrainian MP Oleksiy Goncharenko claimed the warship was burning – but had not sunk.

He said on Telegram: “The frigate Admiral Makarov, the Russian Navy’s patrol frigate, is on fire.

“Yes, yes, you got that right! The God of the Seas is taking revenge on Ukraine’s abusers.”

If a small sovereign nation like Ukraine is inflicting such losses onto Russia, then America would’ve destroyed the entire Russian military by now. Putin has exposed just how weak the Russian military is wid his unprovoked invasion of Ukraine. The Russian people should hand him over to The International Criminal Court in The Hague

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