Actually the *CUT* is much larger than that since the Victory Day parade has been “forced to dust down creaky equipment from the 1960s to save face on Monday May 9” – “Shoddy equipment from the 1960s will feature in the depleted parade on May 9” – “129 units of military equipment will cross Red Square on May 9, while last year, 191 military vehicles took part” – meanwhile, Russian troops on the frontlines are dying daily due to faulty leadership ‘n equipment.

Cancer-stricken’ Putin HUMILIATED as planned ‘victory over Ukraine’ parade is gutted by a third after massive losses

The Russian president – who is rumoured to be “Cancer stricken” – will face public humiliation as he rolls out his massively depleted military stock on May 9 following horrendous losses in Ukraine.

The parade – held every year to commemorate the surrender of Nazi Germany in World War II – has been used by Russian leaders to flaunt their strength and demonstrate Russia’s military prowess.

But this year the show is 35-percent smaller, forcing Mad Vlad to dust down creaky equipment from the 1960s in a desperate effort to save face on Moscow’s Red Square.

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