Learn something new every day, e.g. TikTok is no longer the sound that a clock makes – *AND* – a “master catfish” is not actually a Catfish!?!

The Times They Are A-Changin’

I’m a master catfish & my make-up skills are so good, people say I look like a real life Barbie:

A MAKE-UP guru has left the internet stunned after sharing an incredible transformation.

The TikTok user Anastasia (@anastasile) has amassed herself an impressive fanbase of 1.1million followers, with her spectacular skillset leaving many in awe.

Racking up more than 30.3million likes on TikTok, the Russian-speaking beauty regularly uploads phenomenal transformation videos, which don’t go unnoticed by fellow users.

At the start of the viral glow-up clip, the make-up enthusiast is facing a ring light barefaced, with her hair slightly messy and wearing a white top.

Then, while lip-syncing to Pope Is a Rockstar by SALES, Anastasia turns her head to the left a few times before revealing a sensational transformation.

I’m a master catfish:

  • How many WordPress blogs have “1.1million followers”? I have about 63, but most of my blogs views come from internet searches.
  • Anastasia (@anastasile) has “30.3million likes”!? All my stats added together don’t add up to 0.3 million.
  • One ‘Thang is clear here – Makeup is a lot more popular than Linux! 😯 Who woulda thunk it?!?!?

Where does catfish come from?

The 2010 documentary Catfish, directed by Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman about a young man getting romantically duped by a woman with a fake Facebook profile, takes its name from a tale long told about catfish—that fishers would ship catfish with codfish because they would keep the codfish alert, active, and better tasting.

That fishy story originates as a kind of Christian parable recorded by the early 1900s, but the documentary popularized catfish as a metaphor for a person who seduces another with a fake profile, pretending to be someone more attractive, successful, interesting, or sympathetic—keeping the seduced “on their toes” like codfish swimming with catfish.

Well, Anastasia (@anastasile) is clearly not trying to dupe anyone, so there must be even more meanings and/or definitions for the term “catfish.”

Besides, Anastasia (@anastasile) states that she is a ‘Master Catfish‘ and there are 100’s & 100’s of short videos showing her artistic talents ‘n changes ‘n knowledge. ‘Master Catfish‘ must be a makeup term for women changing their appearance wid makeup. The article called her a “MAKE-UP guru“.

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