Arch or ‘Archie‘ Linuxes seem to be mostly used by Fanfaronade ‘Types‘ of users wid other personality disorders. They’ll start up a conversation wid you, and then suddenly, outta nowhere exclaim something like – ‘BTW, did you know that I use Arch Linux?

I Ditched Ubuntu for Manjaro: Here’s What I Think After a Week

Primarily, I rely on Ubuntu-based distributions like Pop!_OS, Zorin OS, Linux Mint, or Ubuntu itself for work.

However, I recently decided to switch to Arch Linux on bare metal (because I mostly used it on virtual machines).

And then, I ended up using Manjaro Linux (an Arch-based distro).

To my surprise, I couldn’t even get past the “nouveau DRM: core notifier timeout” error, let alone proceed with the installation when using a live USB for Arch Linux.

The next-best option would be to try any of the best Arch-based distros tailored to make things easy, right?

And that’s where Manjaro Linux comes in.

I did not have any issues installing Manjaro with proprietary Nvidia drivers. However, a recent point update, i.e., Manjaro Linux 21.2.6, messed up the system.

I couldn’t access the login screen and the TTY (all I could see was the motherboard’s manufacturer logo)

So, I had to re-install Manjaro Linux using the latest ISO, and so far, so good (touch wood).

From my research ‘n experience, it is best to have *TWO* different Arch/’Archie‘ OSes that you use, and that way you can install one…after the other has broken from a Point Release update. Then when that one breaks after a Point Release update you can install the other one since a fix will have been made by then. Hey, they Use Archwhat can I say. 😉

Interesting article by Ankush Das so be sure to check it out since I only used some snippets from it…he sums the article up with this:

Overall, I enjoy the desktop experience with Manjaro Linux. If another system update doesn’t break the experience, I think I will continue with Manjaro Linux as my new daily driver.

Trust me…it is going to break! Example: manjaro point update breaks system

LINUX IS LIKE A BOX OF CHOCOLATES – you never know what you’re gonna get!