As most readers here know, I don’t use ‘Password Dependent‘ OSes anymore, but still occasionally review a user-friendly Linux Distro in case a potential Windows OS user might be interested.

Ubuntu Cinnamon Remix fits ‘Da Bill in the ‘Portability‘ category (install permanently on USB), has excellent hardware recognition and the Cinnamon DE makes it very user-friendly for Windows users to try.

Unlike Arch ‘n Arch-based ‘n many other Linux Distros, new users also get the infamous reliability & stableness of Ubuntu ‘n its Ubuntu-based Distros, and of course, much better hardware recognition. I don’t personally care for the default GNOME DE on Ubuntu, nor their Ubuntu Flavors, but Ubuntu is without a doubt the most popular Linux Distro. As such, no need to join Linux forums or read incredibly difficult to understand Linux manuals, i.e. any potential problem is usually resolved by a simple Google search on the issue.

Unlike some of my favorites, RHEL-based OSes, Ubuntu Cinnamon Remix is easier for a potential Windows user to easily try out…if they don’t mind annoying “Authenticate” popups or other ‘Pesky Passwords’.

Ubuntu Remixes ‘n Flavors

KaiLikesLinux describes the difference between a Ubuntu Remix & a Flavor thusly:

What are Remixes/Flavors?

A remix of Ubuntu is taking Ubuntu itself, and changing it for either a front end look (like Desktop Environments), or adding pre-installed software for a specific use case. We will look into which ones of these exist in a minute.

A flavor of Ubuntu is the same thing, BUT the list of “flavors” is specially curated by Canonical (the company behind Ubuntu itself). To become an official flavor there are rules. Of which mostly include “keep developing it” and “keep with the release cycles” for Desktop. Now the idea behind Ubuntu rules is a tad bit more complicated than that, but if you want to make a remix that aims for official status, then feel free to research that.

There are a bunch of Ubuntu Remixes, but for some reason I can’t find a list of them, i.e. my searches keep coming back mainly as Ubuntu Cinnamon Remix…!?! I’ve done posts on UbuntuDDE Remix & Ubuntu Web Remix. Just found 3 more: 1) Ubuntu Unity, 2) Ubuntu Lumina remix, 3) UbuntuCDE remix.

  • No biggie…they are all ‘Password Dependent‘ OSes that have disrupted my train of thought here…OOPS! 😉

However, during the search for a Remix List, I kept seeing something about an ISO Builder tool for Ubuntu-based remixes. That led me to this:

Maybe I’ll try to build my own Fulltime Linux Root User Ubuntu Cinnamon remix without the nagging password requirements. 🤔

Ubuntu Cinnamon Remix 22.04

Downloaded the ubuntucinnamon-22.04-amd64.iso @ 3.67 GBs and used Rufus to create a ‘Live’ USB bootable media.

Installed it onto a 32GB BAR Plus Samsung USB. See the Linux ‘n USB Flash Drives page for more info on installing Linux to a USB. 

Automatically recognized ‘n installed the correct Nvidia driver:

It recognized my Pantum P2500W printer, but needed to add the Ubuntu driver:

Many printer OEMs provide drivers for Ubuntu ‘n RHEL-based Distros. Forget Arch ‘n Arch-based…those users create a doc and copy it to a USB…then carry the USB to a print shop to get it printed for them. Hey, they Use Archwhat can I say. 😉

  • It’s an old printer…paid $24.99 each for two of them from Newegg around 2010-2012 (I forget?!). Monochrome (B&W) laser wid a starter Toner Cartridge that came wid 900+ page printing capacity. That’s the secret to buying a printer, IMHO, get ’em on sale and wid a page printing capacity of 900 or more pages. The cartridge ran out on one printer some years ago ‘n I threw $24.99 printer ‘n empty cartridge away…unpacked the other one ‘n have been using it ever since. When it runs out, I’ll look for a printer that provides drivers for RHEL & hopefully Slackware/Porteus. (NOTE: remember to Look for Toner cartridge “capacity” and/or “Page Yield” on the printer’s specs!)

Here’s the System info:

Last but not least the DE remix:


Password Dependentstops me from adding it to my Top Tiers, but may add it to Tier Four near the bottom there, since it did recognize my old printer.

Will add it to the Windows 11 page since it’s so user-friendly & portable.

LINUX IS LIKE A BOX OF CHOCOLATES – you never know what you’re gonna get!