A “fatal design flaw” that creates a ‘jack-in-the-box effect‘ – ‘Jack‘ being the tank’s turret. A “Mobile Coffin” for the crew of three.

Paper Bear‘ Putin had his tanks designed like this:

Ammunition stowage (4) for Russian tanks is in a carousel under the turret. Crew members (3) & (2) sit in the turret. Crew member (1) is the driver.

40+ tank rounds & 3 Crew members basically share the same turret space.

Battle Tanks are the considered the main impact force of the Ground Forces, and ‘Paper Bear‘ Putin made sure Russia had more than any other nation:

Before the Ukraine gets done wid ‘Paper Bear‘ Putin he is going to have a lot less Jack-in-the-Box Battle Tanks.

By invading the sovereign nation of Ukraine, and lying about the reasons why, ‘Paper Bear‘ Putin has exposed just how weak the Russian Military is…to the entire world. A Treasonous Act, IMHO, and any decent leader would blow his own brains out for exposing his country & citizens in such a humiliating fashion. Instead, ‘Paper Bear‘ Putin may lead his country into a Nuclear War since he has already ‘Lost Face‘ in front of his own people (‘n the world).

The Russian tank design flaw that makes them ‘mobile coffins’: Multiple shells stored together means even an indirect hit can spark chain reaction and set off an explosion:

Russian tanks store up to 40 shells in a carousel at the base of the turret…

Even an indirect hit can spark a chain reaction, igniting the ammunition…

This blasts the turret high into the sky and makes the crew ‘sitting ducks’…

‘It will take years for Russia to rebuild its inventories’, according to the Washington-based Center for Strategic and International Studies.

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