Confused about whether ‘three SIMS’ meant three copies of the game or the third edition of the Sims series they appear to have tried to cover both bases by getting three copies of The Sims 3 – which would have been clever, if it weren’t so stupid. Classic saboteur checklist: Explosives, check. Guns, check. Mein Kampf, check. Nazi Flag, check. The Sims Expansions, check, check, check.

Bungling Russian FSB agents are mocked for ‘planting The Sims games instead of SIM cards’ during raid to foil ‘assassination’ of TV host:

Russia claimed to have arrested neo-Nazis plotting to kill Putin’s propagandist…

Images of their ‘hideout’ showed a picture of Hitler and some Swastika t-shirts…

Also pictured were copies of The Sims video game – sparking speculation that police staged the scene but misunderstood instructions to include phone SIMS…

You can’t make this stuff up!? 🤣

Crime Scene Before Exposed

Russian FSB agents have been accused of bungling staged photos of a neo-Nazi hideout by including three copies of The Sims video game – having apparently misunderstood an instruction to plant ‘three SIMS’ in the picture

Crime Scene After Exposed

In an apparent admission of the fumble, a later version of the video published on the FSB’s YouTube channel had blurred out the video games along with other items on the bed

Bungling Russian FSB agents appear to have mixed up their sims while staging the arrest of a ‘neo-Nazi gang’ accused of plotting to assassinate Putin’s propagandist.

But alongside Swastika t-shirts, a picture of Hitler, packets of meth, weapons and other paraphernalia that one might expect to find inside a fascist terrorist’s hideout, viewers were struck by the inclusion of three copies of The Sims 3 computer game.

That sparked speculation that the agents had been ordered to put together the lair themselves and include ‘three SIMS’ in staged photos – meaning phone SIM cards – but got confused and instead included The Sims video game.

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