It comes as Russia’s chess legend Garry Kasparov has warned that Putin faces being overthrown over the disastrous invasion of Ukraine which has seen almost 21,000 Russian soldiers killed.

I’d say so! Putin has exposed Russia’s *MANY* Military weaknesses to the entire world wid his unprovoked Hitlerlike Attack on the sovereign nation Ukraine. That’s an act of Treason – IMHO – towards Russia ‘n its citizens. His soldiers are publicly executing innocent Ukrainian civilians…burying them in trenches and/or just leaving them in the streets!?! Raping innocent Ukrainian woman. Raping female *BABIES*!?! Imprisoning his own citizens if they protest against him…or worse.

PARANOID VLAD How key Putin allies have died, been jailed and suffered mystery ‘heart attacks’ as he fights off Palace coup

MANY former close allies of Vladimir Putin have either died, been jailed, or disappeared from the public eye, as Russia’s increasingly-paranoid president looks to fight off a potential coup.

Earlier this month, Vlad removed at least 150 top commanders from the Russian spy agency the FSB, in a “Stalinist-style” purge in response to the bungled war.

The war has been disastrous in terms of Russian troop losses – for comparison, the Soviet Union lost just under 14,500 troops during the 10-year war in Afghanistan.

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