Go get ’em Linux ‘n Open Source!

Absolute AutocratAdolf‘ Putin has invaded his last country! Even Linux ‘n Open Source have turned against Nazilike warmongering Russia this time.

Activists are targeting Russians with open-source “protestware”:

Russia’s biggest bank has warned its users to stop updating software due to the threat of “protestware”: open-source software projects whose authors have altered their code in opposition to Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine.

Most of the protestware simply displays anti-war, pro-Ukrainian messages when it is run, but at least one project had malicious code added which aimed to wipe computers located in Russia and Belarus, prompting outrage and charges of unintentional collateral damage.

Alert: peacenotwar module sabotages npm developers in the node-ipc package to protest the invasion of Ukraine:

On March 15, 2022, users of the popular Vue.js frontend JavaScript framework started experiencing what can only be described as a supply chain attack impacting the npm ecosystem. This was the result of the nested dependencies node-ipc and peacenotwar being sabotaged as an act of protest by the maintainer of the node-ipc package.

This security incident involves destructive acts of corrupting files on disk by one maintainer and their attempts to hide and restate that deliberate sabotage in different forms. While this is an attack with protest-driven motivations, it highlights a larger issue facing the software supply chain: the transitive dependencies in your code can have a huge impact on your security.

Linux and Open Source Companies Stopping Their Services in Russia:

With Russia’s attack on Ukraine, various things have been affected economically and geopolitically.

While we do not discuss anything about the war here, the victims of war need support to survive. Many organizations and individuals have come forward to join humanitarian causes to support the Ukrainian people.

Even the Zorin OS creators announced to donate all their recent profits to help the cause.

To show support and take a stand against the war, many companies have cut their ties with Russia.

Protestware is trending in open source: 4 different types and their impact:

Protestware is a catch-all term that is being used to describe packages that are altered in some way to protest against a certain event. Unlike malicious packages, these alterations are not being made by “hackers” or otherwise malicious actors, but often by known and respected members of the open source community who are active maintainers or contributors to large scale open source projects.

Russia is the largest country (land mass) on Planet Earth ‘n certainly doesn’t need bigger borders; however, as Russia’s history reflects, European Nations certainly need protection of their small borders!

LINUX IS LIKE A BOX OF CHOCOLATES – you never know what you’re gonna get!