Has the Absolute Autocrat Putin already started his purges on the way to his ‘Great Purge‘?

Probably. Who knows how many Russians the Absolute Autocrat Putin has already murdered or arrested or sent to remote prisons in Russia for 15 years?!

He just had Colonel-General Sergei Beseda, the head of the Fifth Service of the FSB intelligence service, placed on “house arrest.”

Defense minister Army general Sergey Shoygu, head of the Russian Ministry of Defense (MO) which is the governing body of the Russian Armed Forces, is rumored to be on thin ice (for agreeing wid Putin on the Ukraine Invasion!?!). Russia’s Military Chief Promised Quick Victory in Ukraine, but Now Faces a Potential Quagmire.

Absolute Autocrat’s Stalin & Putin

Putin’s invasion of Ukraine and setting up puppet regimes follows in the footsteps of Stalin’s Soviet expansionism.

Putin sparks fears of new ‘Red Terror’ in ‘Stalin-esque’ speech on ‘fifth column’ traitors in Russia:

Vladimir Putin is adjusting his rhetoric following his stalled invasion of Ukraine, touching on Stalinist nostalgia and patriotic themes to boost public support for the war, which he calls a “special military operation” and claims was launched as a defensive measure.

“The Russian people will always be able to differentiate true patriots from scum and traitors and will simply spit them out like an insect that accidentally flew in and got trapped in your mouth,” he continued. “I am confident that a necessary self-cleansing of society will only strengthen our country, our solidarity and readiness to respond to any challenges.”

Prosecutors also charged an expat food blogger with violating a new law banning criticism of the Russian military, which carries a punishment of up to 15 years in prison. And a TV producer from the Kremlin’s leading state-owned network was fined last week after photobombing her own set during a live broadcast with an anti-war message.

It’s an equivalent of the ‘Red Terror’ period during Stalin, who galvanized the Russians to look for ‘the enemies of the people’ and turn them into Secret Police.

  • Well, the meaning of his “necessary self-cleansing of society” statement leaves no doubt as to the Déjà vu experience the Russian People are about to go through. The Purges will probably seem mild compared to the Genocidal Famine/s Absolute Autocrat Putin has planned and/or caused.

Personally, Absolute Autocrat Putin reminds humble me of another Absolute Autocrat, as it did Michael P. Ramirez:

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