Linux Distros like Ubuntu/Ubuntu-based ‘n most Arch/Arch-based OSes are not for *SERIOUS* Linux OS users. Those Linux OSes are made for Submissive Linux Distro users who accept more than one password demand per computer session. Any Linux OS ‘Home Desktop‘ user who accepts annoying “Authenticate” popups or other pestering ‘Pesky Passwords’ demands after that *ONE* password per computer session is a Submissive Linux Distro user.

  • Note: some Arch/Arch-based OSes offer the root option sometimes, but the main issues wid Arch/Arch-based OSes are the lack of long-term stability ‘n hardware recognition ‘n etc.

EuroLinux 8.5 was released on November 26, 2021, and it offers ‘Home Desktop‘ users the option to be a Fulltime Linux Root User on their *OWN* home computers. Login once at the Login Screen Window, and no more annoying “Authenticate” popups or other pestering ‘Pesky Passwords’ after that.

It is an Enterprise Class OS that also offers the standard Linux user creation, i.e. those OSes designed specifically to be used in commercial and enterprise IT environments. Example:

  • Enterprise Class OS that also offers a root option to its Home Desktop‘ users who prefer a freer desktop atmosphere that isn’t slowing down workflow constantly.

EuroLinux is an ‘enterprise-class Linux operating system based on Red Hat® Enterprise Linux® source code. It is therefore functionally compatible with RHEL®, Oracle® Linux, and CentOS Linux‘. While primarily geared toward servers, EuroLinux can also be used for desktop computing or any environment where long-term stability and support are demanded. Originates from Poland ‘n offers the GNOME (default) & KDE Plasma DEs.

Installing EuroLinux 8.5

  • EDIT: 3/6/2022: used balenaEtcher to create the bootable installation media.

Installation was controlled by the Anaconda (installer), and went fast ‘n easy. GNOME is the default Workstation software choice, so KDE Plasma will need to be installed later.

I mainly used the CentOS Stream 8 w/ Fulltime Root option – ‘installing NVIDIA driver & KDE Plasma DE‘ post as a guide for installing NVIDIA driver ‘n KDE Plasma DE; however, there are 1 or 2 slightly different points during the installation, so I suggest Submissive Linux Distro users stick to their ‘Password Dependent‘ Linux OSes.

Next, I installed the KDE Plasma Desktop. The How to Install KDE Plasma Desktop on CentOS 8 Stream article has worked for both the CentOS Stream 8 & this EuroLinux 8.5 installations. Some minor adjustments are need, but a fairly serious Linux user can figure it out.

  • Note: in root section I didn’t need sudo or su, and the “Enable Power Tools Repository” command line didn’t work, so I ignored it and continued on. The “Available Environments Groups” group list had a different term for the KDE Plasma choice, but their — dnf groupinstall “KDE Plasma Workspaces” “base-x” — command line worked perfectly. Followed the next few steps ‘n then rebooted.

Some Pics

The panel was easy to customize: see KDE Plasma – ‘Newb TidBits‘ – Part 3b for more info.

Super fun Linux OS to work wid! Everything works, including Audio:

Many Distros that offer the root section option have issues wid the Sound Settings in root section:

Some Distros have Sound Settings issues, but music ‘n video sound still work. No such sound problems wid EuroLinux 8.5.


Another RHEL-based Linux OS proving that users don’t need anything more than an updating 4.18 + Linux Kernel for full hardware recognition ‘n stability ‘n security!

*NO* Linux ‘Nanny throwing annoying “Authenticate” popups at them or demanding other pestering ‘Pesky Passwords’.

EuroLinux 8.5 KDE Plasma is good enough on early tests to move it into a new #5a spot on the Karmi’s Top 10 Linux Distros page, just ahead of CentOS Stream 8 KDE Plasma at the #5b spot.

Will also add EuroLinux 8.5 KDE Plasma to the #4 spot on the Distros w/ *NO* “Authenticate” popup or other ‘Pesky Passwords’ page, to the RHEL-based page, and to the KDE Plasma – ‘Newb TidBits‘ page.

LINUX IS LIKE A BOX OF CHOCOLATES – you never know what you’re gonna get!