Fedora Linux 33’s End of Life (EOL) was 20211130 ‘n it had stopped updating. I wanted to just install the Fedora 35 KDE Plasma SPINS, but found both it ‘n Fedora 36 Rawhide ‘Temperamental‘ on the ‘Antec Jr.‘ main Linux test computer.

Then decided to do an upgrade…from 33 to 35 ‘n just save all my previous settings ‘n the Nvidia driver installation. Already knew that 35 had the sound issue in System Settings, but hoped the upgrade would save the correct settings from 33, but it didn’t.

Upgrading Fedora

Since my upgrades were wid SPINS, I had to use the DNF System Upgrade method. Fedora’s default Workstation (Gnome) upgrade uses a “graphical notification” method.

I had a Clonezilla backup image saved, since Fedora 33 Cinnamon SPINS End Of Life (EOL) date had passed, and Fedora DOCS said that the DNF System Upgrade method was “not officially tested or supported” after the EOL. I’ma giving it a test now… 😉

Fedora allows upgrading “officially supported and tested over 2 releases at most (e.g. from 33 to 35)” in normal life cycles, but my 33 version was past that date…so I faced a slight gamble.

I followed the simple DNF System Upgrade steps, everything went smooth ‘n easy, and ended in a successful upgrade. \o/ ’Hippity hip Hoorah’ \o/

Minor Root Sound Issue

Fedora Cinnamon SPINS doesn’t force me to create a standard ‘Submissive Linux Distro user‘ during or after installation…just need to create a password for the Root user. After installation I can change settings to boot right into the desktop, and never see an annoying “Authenticate” popup or a pestering ‘Pesky Passwords’ again. That is why Fedora 35 Cinnamon SPINS remains my main working Linux OS.

Has that sound issue in System Settings, but I can play music & videos wid sound; however, sound doesn’t seem to work in the browser. Thusly, Fedora 35 will remain @ #4 on the Karmi’s Top 10 Linux Distros page…would probably move to the #1 Spot without that sound issue.


Fedora 35 Cinnamon SPINS is my favorite working Linux OS…no annoying “Authenticate” popups or ‘Pesky Passwords’ to slow the workflow down, and it allows me the freedom to be a Fulltime Root User on my *OWN* home computers.

I will add this post to the ‘Life wid‘ Fedora page.

LINUX IS LIKE A BOX OF CHOCOLATES – you never know what you’re gonna get!