This is as close as Jack Wallen ‘n I have ever been on agreeing about something; however, as usual, he is slow when it comes to getting up-to-date news. KDE Plasma DE has been ‘The next generation desktop for Linux‘ for quite some time now. In fact, I recently made KDE Plasma my primary Linux DE – KDE Plasma – ‘Newb TidBits.

Its been obvious for almost a year now that KDE Plasma has been moving ahead of the other DEs as they took breaks ‘n naps from ‘Da Race.

Still, Mr. Jack Wallen sometimes writes a great article, e.g. – KDE Plasma might soon be the best Linux desktop on the market:

Every time I ponder KDE Plasma, I can’t help but think about the tortoise and the hare. In my reality, GNOME is the hare and KDE is the tortoise. When GNOME Shell 3 was first released, it was as if it shot out of the gate, ready to go and make some noise. And noise it did make. And even though not all of the noise was positive, it was next to impossible to avoid. And so GNOME went. It evolved very quickly and became the default desktop for a lot of Linux distributions.

All the while, tucked away in the shadows of GNOME, KDE Plasma continued evolving and improving. It was a very slow and quiet progression, but that “alternative” Linux desktop has reached the point that it no longer needs to live in the shadows of GNOME.

Be sure to read the entire article…

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