Love the new “icon-free desktop.” However, something is wrong…hold on a sec!

Message from BarryK:

OK. No biggie since EasyOS is “An experimental Linux distribution.” Barry Kauler started Puppy Linux, and then retired ten years later (2013). He now experiments wid OSes as a retiree. 😉

Am not sure if I’ll do another post on the 3.4.1 update he mentions, so I’m going ahead ‘n finish this one.

EasyOS 3.4

Of special note in the new EasyOS 3.4/3.4.1 versions is the – ‘radical icon-free desktop. Well, radical for the mainstream EasyOS/Quirky/Puppy releases anyway.’ Yeah, I never liked all those icons on the desktop, and always removed them…check out some of the posts on the Puppy Linux – ‘Companion OS for Windows 10 11 page for pics w/o all those icons.

Version 3.4 marks a radical departure from the desktop User Interface (UI) of EasyOS, Quirky and Puppy, right back to the first puppies in 2003. They all have icons on the desktop, since around mid-2005 managed by ROX_Filer — ROX is not just a file manager, it is also capable of managing desktop icons and wallpaper.

I have used Puppy Linux for a long time, and those darn icons were always staring at you! 😉 In the early years, they were difficult to remove, but in the past 2-3 years they have gotten easier to remove. FossaPup64 9.5 is my main ‘Portability ‘n Rescue‘ Distro now.


Downloaded the easy-3.4-amd64.img.gz @ 615 MBs yesterday, and created a USB wid Rufus. Wid EasyOS ‘n Puppy Linux you don’t actually create a ‘Live‘ USB installation media, the created USB becomes the portable OS that saves all the settings, changes, updates, added apps, etc. You can still install it to SSD ‘n HDD if you want, but Puppy Linux is the best portable OS around…has been for well over a decade.

During the 1st bootup it asks what keyboard layout you want. Then it asks if you want to create a Password…just hit Enter if you don’t want a Password. Then it creates a “one-time only” snapshot, and then boots into the new EasyOS DE. A “Quick Setup” greets you:

It uses the 5.10.90 Linux Kernel:

User name is “root” – ‘Dats me! 😉 Fulltime Linux Root User on all my own computers.

Updates are always easy for EasyOS ‘n Puppy both:

Here’s the new “icon-free desktop”:

Too bright? I like it! 😉


Unlike Puppy Linux, EasyOS doesn’t offer a NVIDIA driver yet.

I also couldn’t move the panel or add any apps that I Wanted to it…possibly one of the issues that will be fixed in the 3.4.1 update.

Just didn’t seem as customizable as other EasyOS versions I have tested.

  • As BarryK suggests…don’t install or upgrade to the 3.4 version, and just wait until the EasyOS  3.4.1 version to comes out.

Barry Kauler is an excellent Developer, and I like the uncharted direction he is taking EasyOS in.

LINUX IS LIKE A BOX OF CHOCOLATES – you never know what you’re gonna get!