Fedora 33 Cinnamon SPIN was the best Linux OS I have ever used. It’s getting old now, and I have recently dropped it to the #4 Spot on the Karmi’s Top 10 Linux Distros page. You could install it without the standard Linux ‘Password Dependent‘ user, just the ‘root‘ user, and boot it right into the desktop without ever seeing an annoying “Authenticate” popup or other pestering Pesky Passwords before, during or after the session.

  • Before anyone says that an OS is not safe without some Linux ‘Nanny demanding passwords: 1) Android has never asked me for a password on any of my phones or tablets. 2) Chrome OS asks for a Login password, and then no more passwords or annoying popups during a session after that. 3) Windows has asked if I want a password, I just say no, and haven’t ever used a password wid Windows. All Three of those OSes are more secure than Linux.

Everything worked in the Fedora 33 Cinnamon ‘root‘ user section, including the Sound Settings.

Here is what the Sound Settings look like in Fedora 33 Cinnamon SPIN:

Fedora 33 sound settings in ‘root’ section.

Sound Devices are listed, speaker icon has no “x” so it is working, my two standard speakers, and the Test sound works.

Then came Fedora 34 ‘n 35 Cinnamon SPINS, and these Sound Settings:

Fedora 34 sound settings in ‘root’ section.

No Devices listed, speaker icon had an “x” next to it, shows *NINE* speakers, and without a device the Test sound didn’t work. However, ‘It seems to just be an issue in the Sound Settings section, because I can select music, and it will play fine‘ as mentioned in that post. I don’t really play music on my computers, but I don’t like glitches in my Settings area. Fedora 33 Cinnamon SPIN worked perfect, as far as I know, and I expect the same from other versions.

Time running out on Fedora 33 Cinnamon SPIN, so last night I decided to give Fedora 36 Rawhide Cinnamon a try…

Fedora 36 Rawhide Cinnamon


Rawhide is the development tree for Fedora. This is a copy of a complete Fedora distribution where new software is added and tested, before inclusion in a later stable release. As such, Rawhide is often more feature rich than the current stable release. In many cases, the software is made of CVS, Subversion or Git source code snapshots which are often actively developed by programmers. Although Rawhide is targeted at advanced users, testers, and package maintainers, it is capable of being a primary operating system. Users interested in the Rawhide branch often update on a daily basis and help troubleshoot problems. Rawhide users do not have to upgrade between different versions as it follows a rolling release update model.

Downloaded the Fedora-Cinnamon-Live-x86_64-Rawhide-20220205.n.1.iso @ 2.09 GB’s to give it a try.

I also downloaded the KDE Plasma version, but the mouse ‘n keyboard didn’t work. May try it on another computer in the future.

All testing for this post has been done on the ‘Antec Jr.‘ main Linux test computer.

Install went fast ‘n easy, onto a test 120 GB SSD. No standard Linux ‘Password Dependent‘ user was created. I am a Fulltime Linux Root User on my *OWN* home computers.

Sound Settings

This is just a testing version of Fedora, but one of the reasons I wanted to give it a try is time is running out on Fedora 33 Cinnamon SPIN, and I wanted to see if Fedora 36 Cinnamon might have the same Sound Settings issues as 34 ‘n 35 did. Yes, I know that issue doesn’t happen in the Linux ‘Nanny standard Linux ‘Password Dependent‘ user section.

  • Huh? Don’t know who the Linux ‘Nanny is? Go ask Roy Munson…I’m busy! 😉

Just a test version, but at this point it is similar to versions 34 ‘n 35 wid no Device listed ‘n an “x” next to the speaker icon.

Same nine speaker issue also. However, unlike versions 34 ‘n 35, Fedora 36 Rawhide doesn’t have any sound at all in the ‘root‘ user section.

Installing NVIDIA Driver

My normal method of installing NVIDIA drivers onto Fedora didn’t work the first time, so I had to sorta ‘Wing‘ it a Tad or Two. Yes, I am that good…for a ‘Newb‘ anyway. 😁

I didn’t try the “Install Nvidia Driver manually” from that same link since it takes longer ‘n requires more work; however, I was about to try that method, and had already gone to the terminal ‘n entered:

  • [root@fedora ~] # dnf groupinstall “Development Tools”

Then I remembered the RPM Fusion Graphical Setup via Firefox web browser and decided to try that.

Both free ‘n nonfree gave me a “Build Transaction error,” but when I checked dnfdragora it showed them both installed.

Not sure how much ‘Winging‘ it I had done to this point, so I did a reboot and saw this:

\o/ ’Hippity hip Hoorah’ \o/ the ‘Winging‘ it had worked!

NVIDIA Driver Version 510.47.03 might be the newest driver I have on any of my Linux OSes…have the 495 version on most of them.

Yeah, other than sound, this Fedora 36 Rawhide Cinnamon is looking really good!


I use Fedora 33 Cinnamon SPIN a lot in my testings…it just gets to the desktop so fast without that Login password, and no annoying “Authenticate” popups slowing my workflow down…

  • Fuk!?! Put down the mouse ‘n move to the keyboard ‘n type in the ‘Pesky Password‘. Talk about workflow ‘Killers‘!!! OK…now leave the keyboard ‘n go back to the mouse.

Fedora 36 Rawhide Cinnamon is impressive even at this point. The Fedora 35 Cinnamon SPIN had seemed slower than the 33 or 34 versions, which is why I went back to 33. 36 Rawhide has been ‘Snappy‘ and I may move to Fedora 36 Cinnamon SPIN (or KDE Plasma SPIN) when it comes out.

Will make a Rawhide section on the Life wid‘ Fedora page and add this post to that…

Great Job by the Fedora Rawhide Team!

LINUX IS LIKE A BOX OF CHOCOLATES – you never know what you’re gonna get!