I upgraded to the WP Business plan last March, and it’s due for renewal come March 8, 2022. Have used the WordPress ‘Freebie‘ blogs for almost 20 years, so it was time to pay for some of their services…especially since I hate the Block Editor. Get to keep the Classic Editor wid Business plan…as a plugin.

It’s been well worth the $300…’Thangs just seem to work easier, go smoother, Great ‘n Quick Support when smoothness hits a wall, etc.


Today I tried to move the Blogroll widget up one spot, on the Sidebar, and also added a new blog link to it. Piddled wid a few different setting, and then checked it all out.


Blog links use to show a description when mouse arrow hovered over it, but now all the descriptions were showing up fulltime!?!

Deleted the Blogroll widget, and it was gone from the Sidebar. However, the entire Blogroll was still listed under the Links on my Dashboard.

Went to support, filled in the issues I was having, and waited a few minutes for a Support Chat session to open.

  • We were back ‘n forth for awhile…then I remembered the Jetpack Backup ‘n restore ‘Thingie, and asked about it.

I wasn’t into the solution to “add/edit/delete links” as I needed. I had made a mess, and wanted to clean it up! 😉

Anyway, that Jetpack Backup is backing up ‘Thangs all day long, so I found one that looked like just before I made the Blogroll move up one spot ‘n add new link, and that resolved the problem. Should’ve thought of that before contacting support, but I have never restored this blog before. 🙄 Easy ‘n fast solution tho! Phew!


Business plan also gives me 200 GB’s of Media.

Have only used 0.2% of that.

Yeah, I’ll renew the Business plan for another year. Heck, I use the Classic Editor here to write up posts for my other blog…actually have two other blogs, i.e. a new Political one that is replacing my old 18-year old Political blog. Those two are on the WP ‘Freebie‘ plan.

Heck, just remembered that I even have a WP ‘Freebie‘ Private blog that I test stuff on. 😉

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