How popular is Linux? There are *NO* willing Investors, not even amongst the *ENTIRE* Linux Community!?! The Linux Community likes to brag a lot about Linux being “free,” and “better than Windows,” but when it comes to putting up some of their own money for a small project like a MiniMinMiniPC then they become silent as rats. 😉

That $14.16 represents just the cost of materials if “enough parts for around 10,000 units” are purchased. I think that is what the articles are trying to say…two articles had different numbers @ times, e.g. ‘1,000 units of each part‘ *AND* ‘10,000 of each component‘.

Normally, 10,000 units will need 10,000 units of each part, but we’re talking Linux here – Thusly, there are no investors. 😉

Cute tho:

A Minimum Viable Computer, or Linux for $15:

This is a ‘Linux Swiss Army Knife’, offering maximum utility while still being able to fit in your pocket. Is it fast? No. Can it run a GUI? Also no. But it can run scripts, ping a server, toggle a few GPIOs, and interact with a USB device.

The answer to the big question, “How much does it cost?” is, “What the market will bear”. In short, yes, if you’re counting the BOM cost in quantities greater than 10,000. That said, let’s go into the cost breakdown. This is an abridged but still accurate BOM, with costs for each row in the last column.

That’s from the designer- – site. Does it really cost $15?

  • Looks like he’s maybe talking 10,000 units “@ QTY 1000” price, which is probably why the numbers looked different between the other two articles.

There you go, a full Linux computer for under fifteen bucks parts. Assembly is not included, and better component selection (caps, another crystal, and a generic version of the battery clip) would drop a few cents off the build. But I’ll call this a $15 computer for the clickbait headline. Speaking of clickbait, if you want to build one of these things, It’ll cost you about ten grand. The first one costs ten grand, the ten thousandth one costs fifteen bucks.

Well, I would at least buy one ‘n try to install Puppy Linux on it! If Puppy Linux rejects it, then Developer Brian Benchoff needs to find some bigger investors.  😉

Will add this post to the Special *PURPOSE* Linuxes page…

LINUX IS LIKE A BOX OF CHOCOLATES – you never know what you’re gonna get!