Started on January 6, 2019 ‘n now at the beginning of year 4. 2019 had 2633 views w/ 1551 visitors.

Linux isn’t a popular OS, but not too bad of a Blog Topic performance.

Oughta fire my Muse & Google Translate!  😉 Tho Google Translate (Jetpack) widget isn’t really for referrals, and my views did increase almost immediately after I added it. Search Engines were a major referrer wid 40,452, and Google Translate helped wid all the Foreign visitors.

Here’s a list of countries that had over 400 views:

Posts wid over a 1000 views:

Popular Posts for last 30 days wid more than 20 views:

That Windows 11 post has a total of 257 views since posted on November 8, 2021, keeps gaining in popularity, and seems to stay on Google’s first page or second page search of Windows 11 “This PC” icon or “This PC” icon or Pin This PC to taskbar Windows 11. A LOT of my posts make it to Google’s first page somehow…I dunno how?!

However, if Google’s search engine ‘n being on the First Page was so great then why don’t I have 1,000,000++++++++++++++++++ views yet?!  😉

LINUX IS LIKE A BOX OF CHOCOLATES – you never know what you’re gonna get!