Much better experience wid Manjaro 21.2.1 KDE Plasma than I had wid the Cinnamon Community Edition – see my Manjaro 21.1.2 Cinnamon – ‘Leave it to the DistroWatch Groupies & Kernel Addicts post for more info.

Have had a busy couple of weeks testing KDE Plasma Linux OSes, Plasma’s basic settings, and need to get caught up wid some reviews – *AND* – do some tweaking to the Karmi’s Top 10 Linux Distros page. ‘Thangs are always changing wid Linux, and the Top 10 can change here overnight. Am going to give Manjaro 21.2.1 KDE Plasma a shot at the #10 spot, since it does offer the ‘Root User‘ login option, and performed quite well in most of the tests.

Official Editions vs Community Editions

One of the reasons I have been closely checking ‘n testing the KDE Plasma DE is that it seems to be fully supported by most Linux Distro’s Developers instead of just some Community “enthusiasts.” I have recently seen more problems arising wid the Community Editions, across at least 6-8 Linux OSes, and Linux has enough problems now without enthusiasts adding to them, e.g. Linux Kernel is a “code mess” ‘n loaded down w/ Bloat ‘n *CRUFT*.

Manjaro 21.2.1 KDE Plasma

Manjaro 21.2.1 KDE Plasma had just a couple issues that I didn’t care for: 1) Limited rearranging of the Panel’s icon app launchers. 2) No sound in ‘Root‘ section (sound is fine in ‘Password Dependent‘ section).

1) Panel icon app launchers:

File manager ‘n Firefox seem to be fixed in those two spots on the right, and I like to have System Settings in-between those two. Couldn’t do it, or I couldn’t find a way. No biggie, but Linux is supposedly fully customizable.

2) No sound in ‘Root‘ section:

Common problem wid most Distros when using the ‘Root‘ section, but a minus factor when another Distro has functional sound in that section. Sound worked great in the standard ‘Password Dependent‘ section, but you have to deal wid annoying “Authenticate” popups or other ‘Pesky Passwords’ there. Again, Linux lacks the supposedly fully customization that is falsely claimed by many Linux advocates.

  • BTW, my new pending #1 Distro has fully functional sound in both sections, since I installed the KDE Plasma Desktop on it. Full hardware recognition on all of my computers, and it uses the 4.18.0 Linux Kernel. This is what Linux ‘Kernel Addicts‘ fail to understand, that on ‘Desktop Duty‘ Linux OSes, a 4.18.0 kernel will run everything ‘n more than the ‘Bleeding Edge‘ kernel can, and it does it in a stable fashion.

OK…here’s the Manjaro 21.2.1 KDE Plasma desktop pic:

Here’s the system info pic:


Surprisingly good performance by an Arch-based Linux Distro. One problem wid Arch ‘n Arch-based Distros, is that the next version may not offer fulltime ‘Root User‘ access. However, Manjaro 21.2.1 KDE Plasma has earned the #10 spot on Karmi’s Top 10 Linux Distros page for now.

  • Note: Linux OSes’ ISO’s keep getting bigger, e.g. this manjaro-kde-21.2.0-211220-linux515.iso is 3.56 GBs.

Will add this post to the KDE Plasma – ‘Newb TidBits page.

LINUX IS LIKE A BOX OF CHOCOLATES – you never know what you’re gonna get!