I have installed at least five GUI Software ‘n Package Managers on Garuda Cinnamon Linux, and don’t recall being able to do that on Linux OSes I have used and/or tested. Possible, probably, but never noticed the easy Graphical choice to do so, like Garuda Linux offered. This post won’t be part of the recent four Part series, but Garuda Linux is going to be an OS that requires additional posts (brief ones) in order to cover it properly. Garuda Linux may be in the process of sorta ‘Consolidating‘ some 2-3000 Linux OSes into an actual Linux Desktop OS for ‘normal people‘ (aka normal Desktop OS users).

‘noob noOB Newbie’ User Friendly OS

Yes, it has some minor bug issues, but they don’t seem to affect the overall use of the OS’s performance. It seems actually very easy to work wid ‘n move around in, which is unusual for a Linux OS during a normal ‘User break-in period‘.

Seems the Developers have purposely added extra automated ‘n graphical ‘Stuff‘ in order to actually help ‘normal people‘ (aka normal Desktop OS users). They are definitely building a User Friendly Linux OS.

I’ve done 3 or 4 test ‘n tweaking installs recently, and probably did a permanent one yesterday, onto a 128 GB Samsung FIT Plus USB 3.1 drive. The 32 GB USBs I had were a ‘Tad‘ too small…the installer saw them as 28.88 and wanted at least 28.9 (something like that?!). It did install to the 32 GB eMMC drive of that $314.57 Chromebook – Part 3 post the other day:

That’s showing it at “29.12 GiB” in upper right of that pic. Anyway, 32 GBs isn’t ever 32 GBs, and I had more 128 GB USBs than I had of the 64 GB ones…in my spare stockpile. 😉

  • Permanently installed now ‘n plugged into the 4-Port USB 3.0 Hub on the main Linux test computer, ‘CM130‘. Fedora 35 Cinnamon SPIN is now the only other Linux OS on that hub.

I will add this post to the Windows 11 page, because it might be a great ‘Secondary‘ OS for those Windows users ‘n viewers. 😉

Five GUI Software ‘n Package Managers?!?

Then there is the automatic Arch-type of update notifier (red icon shield-thingie?), and the CLI ones, which I haven’t even needed yet. Closest to a terminal I’ve been is wid some kind of automated Terminal called Alacritty:

That opens from a graphical program (I forget which one), and when it’s done it opens to a popup asking if you want to add anything else…yes will take you to another graphical program. None of those are part of the “Five” I’m writing about: 1) GNOME Software. 2) Apper. 3) Pamac. 4) Discover. 5) bauh.

Overkill? 😉 Well, I hate using a terminal to install apps or programs or packages…tho that automated ‘GPU-accelerated terminal emulator‘ called Alacritty has only asked me to “Press enter to exit” when its done, so I don’t mind a terminal like that. 😉

Testing a new Linux OS for over six days ‘n I haven’t needed some command line in the terminal yet!?!? Impossible! However, I don’t recall opening or typing anything into a terminal, other than having just hit the enter key…


IMHO, Garuda Linux’s Cinnamon Community Edition is close to becoming a Linux Desktop OS for ‘normal people‘ (aka normal Desktop OS users). Maybe just a year or two away? Make a Fulltime Linux Root User an easy Graphical option, and fix the root user section to work as well as the standard Enterprise section…’Something‘ like that. 😉 In my recent Linux ‘n the basic Wheel Mouse – Autoscrolling in Firefox ‘n Waterfox post I mentioned how autoscrolling can be added to some browsers in Linux…Garuda Linux’s default (?) FireDragon browser also has that option for autoscrolling. I haven’t found any Office Suites that offer autoscrolling in Linux, but maybe that is something that could be added.

Have just moved Garuda Cinnamon into Tier One as my new #3 Distro, on the Karmi’s Top 10 5 3 4 Linux Distros page. Made it #2 in the ‘Desktop Duty‘ category…

Will add this post to the Garuda Linux page.

LINUX IS LIKE A BOX OF CHOCOLATES – you never know what you’re gonna get!