Garuda Linux (w/ Cinnamon DE) was defeated by its Arch-roots (aka Arch-base) this morning. I have tried hard to find a stable ‘n reliable Arch-based Distro for a long time; however, just like Vanilla Arch Linux, the ‘Archies‘ lack dependability, i.e. a Modus Operandi (M.O.) of Arch Linux. Another Modus Operandi (M.O.) of Arch Linux is Bloat.

Garuda Linux (w/ Cinnamon DE) is still new, just being released on 26 March 2020, so I am going to move it onto the Karmi’s Top 10 5 2 3 Linux Distros page…I like it that much. However, for now, it will be headed to Tier Three instead of Tier One.

Testing Garuda Linux (w/ Cinnamon DE)

During the tests today, I had it matched against Manjaro Cinnamon Linux, which also allows root login if you “Hide the user list” in the System Settings >> Login Window >> Users setting:

Then just login as root at the Welcome Screen after a reboot.

It was during those tests that I noticed a difference between the drive’s “Used” space on Garuda ‘n Manjaro from that of Fedora Cinnamon.

Garuda’s 12.97 GiB of Used space:

Manjaro’s 11.21 GiB of Used space:

Fedora’s 4.24 GiB of Used space:


I search Linux forums, blogs, news, etc. for hidden facts on Linux all the time, and Linux users are infamous for throwing out the “Bloat” word, a lot…usually thrown out by users that don’t have a clue what they are talking about. Arch ‘n Arch-based Linux users are the worst…by far!

Fedora 35 34 Cinnamon SPIN is a Top rated Linux OS, by most anyone, and on a 64 GB USB microSDXC Memory Card drive it only used 4.24 GiB of space. Garuda used 12.97 GiB of space on a 64 GB USB drive. Manjaro used 11.21 GiB of space on a 64 GiB USB drive.


  • 12/25/2021 Correction: I got some Fedora Cinnamon pics mixed up yesterday, i.e. that above Fedora pic was on a 64 GB microSDXC Memory Card, and it was of Fedora 34 instead of 35…I have corrected both to reflect that. That was from Part 3 on the Chromebook test. I’m going to add two pics today…

1) Fedora 35 Cinnamon, newly installed wid no updates, on a SanDisk 64 GB USB:

  • Fedora has 3.24 GiB of “Used” space in this pic.

2) Manjaro Cinnamon, newly installed wid no updates, on a SanDisk 64 GB USB:

  • Manjaro has 8.14 GiB of “Used” space in this pic. Also, I used the btrfs file system this time so all three Distros use the same. The ‘Archies‘ always seemed ‘Heavy‘ to me, but I never imagined it was by this much!? I don’t recall Vanilla Arch Linux being this ‘Heavy‘ but its been awhile since I messed wid it.


What is ‘Bloatman‘ hiding in that stomach?!?

Garuda Linux (w/ Cinnamon DE) final Tests

I will keep conducting tests, over time, but this Garuda review will end today. Some pluses ‘n some minor negatives, but a good performance by a fairly new Distro.

I liked the Post-installation wizard:

There were some minor issues I mentioned in the other ‘Parts‘ and I found another one yesterday:

Shutting down had an issue when the mouse arrow met the “Shut Down” or “Restart” buttons, and it happened across all hardware tested.

The whole Shut down popup disappears…here’s the DE view:

You can see the popup’s ‘Shadow‘ in that pic.


Garuda Linux (w/ Cinnamon DE) is faster than Manjaro Linux Cinnamon…snappier also. Manjaro actually broke down during these tests, and I was unable to even get it to reboot again. No problem, GParted never even asked for a password when I opened it to format that Manjaro disk…Ditto on the ‘I loved not having to deal wid annoying “Authenticate” popups & ‘Pesky Passwords’!’

  • 12/25/2021 update: Garuda Linux (w/ Cinnamon DE) was also faster than Fedora during these tests. Manjaro was also faster than Fedora.

Will add this post to the Distros w/ *NO* “Authenticate” popup or other ‘Pesky Passwords’ page.

OK…that’s it! Garuda Cinnamon will be in Tier Three as my #5 Distro, on the Karmi’s Top 10 5 2 3 Linux Distros page.

Will add this post to the Garuda Linux page.

LINUX IS LIKE A BOX OF CHOCOLATES – you never know what you’re gonna get!