Most fulltime Linux “normal people” users I have conversed wid have never heard of autoscrolling. I’ve often written about Linux and the basic Wheel Mouse problems here. Linux is a Terminal-Centric OS (keyboard focused OS), and there are very very very few Mouse Settings in any Linux OS. Linux and Linux advocates claim that “Linux is user friendly,” but I have found it is not very ‘Mouse Friendly‘.🖱🐁

In MS Windows OSes there are all kinds of Mouse Settings, e.g. a Buttons section, a Pointers section, a Pointers Options sections, a Wheel section, and a Hardware section. Here’s a pic of the Wheel section:

  • Note all the scrolling options in the Wheel section…from 1-100 lines Vertically or even One screen per notch of the wheel. Horizontal scrolling from 1-100 characters per Tilt left or right.

The keyboard usually scrolls better than a mouse under Linux.

One of the many reasons that Microsoft’s OSes have been so successful, in some 30+- years, is they just work ‘n most everything works wid them. Microsoft OSes are approaching 2-Billion Worldwide OS users, and this Windows 11 is the best yet. That barely makes news today…today, news is made when 2 Windows users complain that their Microsoft OS doesn’t work. 😉

Autoscrolling or Auto-scrolling or Auto scrolling

Heck, I’m not even sure that anyone knows how to spell autoscrolling or auto-scrolling or auto scrolling!? 🤨  3-4 years ago, when I wanted to purchase a mouse, I would check the specs to see if it would autoscroll (or auto-scroll or auto scroll).

Today I couldn’t find it mentioned under specs at the Logitech Mice page. Perhaps they all just have it these days? I purchased about 4 new mice this year, and none of them mentioned having autoscrolling, or any spelling of it in the specs, but they all had it.

Maybe there is just a new term that OEM’s use for it now, e.g. “Hyper-fast Scroll” or “MagSpeed Magnetic Scrolling” or “Thumb wheel” or “Smartshift” or a bunch of new names I’ve never heard of.

Anyone researching thru lots of long spreadsheets or documents or etc. would want autoscrolling ‘n horizontal scrolling (tilt wheel – not available in Linux).

How to scroll the mouse continuously

  • Note: best to be in an empty area (up ‘n down), then click the wheel like it was a mouse button – ‘Click‘ – and it looks like that gray wheel ‘Thingie in the above first pic wid the Firefox logo or that middle icon inside the red rectangle in the pic above.

One benefit of autoscrolling or ‘scroll continuously‘ is that you can give the hands a break, i.e. “hands-free” scrolling. I’ve been using it for decades ‘n hard to believe that more people don’t use it.

Firefox ‘n Waterfox Autoscrolling for Linux

Looks like the Vivaldi ‘n Opera browsers may not offer it or any extension for it. Google Chrome browser offers some pain-in-the-neck addon. Edge browser offers some easy AutoScroll extensions. I didn’t check in any Linux Distro to be sure, because I only use Firefox in those…EasyOS has some Monkey browser, and it didn’t offer autoscrolling, but Firefox did.

  • Autoscrolling works automatically in all those browsers if you’re using a Microsoft OS.

I’ve tried many many Linux Distros and Firefox seems to come without the “Use autoscrolling” box being checked in the browser’s settings.

Settings >> General >> scroll down until you get to Browsing:

  • Note how Firefox spells “autoscrolling.” 😉

Waterfox has the same basic settings as Firefox.

That works wid all my mice, in Linux, but maybe yours doesn’t have the autoscroll wheel function.


Autoscrolling still doesn’t work on spreadsheets or documents or etc. or most browsers under Linux, but it works great wid Firefox once you check that box…providing you have the right mouse.

  • I wouldn’t browse the internet w/o autoscrolling!

Will add this post to the TidBits ‘n Gadgets page.

LINUX IS LIKE A BOX OF CHOCOLATES – you never know what you’re gonna get!