I believe this makes it 2,333 Linux OSes. 🤔 Haven’t found an exact start date for MocaccinoOS Linux (MOS) yet, but looks like around 11/20/2020 (?). So new that I’m not sure ‘Whar to start, even tho I have 23++ pics already, and a growing list of new bookmarks that will need a new folder soon.

Seems that Sabayon Linux is…is…is/was “still around!” on Jan 21, 2018…but but but it is/was in the process of “rebranding” and apparently merging on Nov 20, 2020…here, a pic ‘is worth a thousand words‘:

  • Maybe I needed more pictures?

This is why Linus Torvalds says that Linux Desktop isn’t for “normal people” – *AND* – that ‘Chromebooks and Android are the future of desktop Linux!‘ Yes, Linux Desktop has a serious Fragmentation problem, for all except Technical people like developers, programmers, IT specialists, etc.

Still, I get excited about testing a new Linux OS, even after 25+ years of disappointments. 😜

  • The nickname for MocaccinoOS is MOS…

Why MOS is different?

For the user, MOS Desktop is a pure and simple OS. We target to deliver an unique approach on package installation and upgrades. Applications should bundle all the required dependencies in order to run, or alternatively share common layers that are used between them (for example think about MATE, GNOME, and all software that depends on GTK). This allows users to have OTA-alike updates, without having to struggle with all packages dependencies.

From a developer standpoint, MOS takes a unique approach on package building, allowing developers to iterate locally changes to the packages very easily, thanks to the Luet flexible backend approach. You can use Docker to build packages locally, or Kubernetes to build them in your cluster

Am not so sure that MOS is “a pure and simple OS.” Not wid iso.tar.xz download files like these:

  • MocaccinoOS-GNOME-0.20211009.iso.tar.xz
  • MocaccinoOS-KDE-0.20211009.iso.tar.xz
  • MocaccinoOS-MATE-0.20211009.iso.tar.xz

Haven’t got to testing the MocaccinoOS-DesktopMinimal-0.20211009.iso.tar.xz version yet, since it looks like trouble from ‘Da Start! Ever tried opening one of those iso.tar.xz files?

I hate messing wid Tar files – see the August 14, 2019 Linux ‘TUX’ – ‘Stuck in a Tarball’ post. They seem to be even more difficult in Linux, since I have had much more success extracting them under Windows 10/11 using 7-Zip. It actually took *TWO* extractions using 7-Zip to get the ISO file needed to work wid Ventoy!?! More on that later…

Sound like fun so far? Yep, it definitely is! Since I am ‘Flying by the Seat of my Pants‘ on this MocaccinoOS Linux (MOS) review, it was obvious that it needed to be done in “Parts.” Thusly, as Part 1 comes to an end, I am going to sorta jump ahead wid a few examples of my success so far:


I added the Dash to Dock GNOME Shell extension, since the Dash to Panel extension doesn’t work under GNOME 40…for whatever reason/s.



  • Yes, there are people who actually use the MATE desktop. Barely found System Info, since it was listed as System Monitor.

  • Changed the wallpaper, but was unable to change it back to the default. Desktop Icons…probably a way to get rid of them, but I couldn’t find out how.


MocaccinoOS Linux (MOS) is still in the testing stages, and it is a major annoying “Authenticate” popups and/or ‘Pesky Passwords’ Distro…as bad as Ubuntu ‘n Arch.

Each DE has different problems, but the Chrome browser was problematic in all three DEs…needed “Update” that I couldn’t get or even install. Probably available in the Luet Package Manager ‘Stuff‘ that I haven’t got to yet.

Give it time…and, I will add this post to the Gentoo ‘n Redcore Linux ‘n Pentoo ‘n T2_SDE page.

LINUX IS LIKE A BOX OF CHOCOLATES – you never know what you’re gonna get!