Am suddenly running a week behind on my Linux reviews, i.e. I tested openSUSE a week-plus ago for a few days, and just now deciding to do a brief review. openSUSE is supposedly one of the Top 3 Linux Distros, behind Ubuntu ‘n RHEL. However, it’s not even listed in the Top 60 of the Operating System Share chart for the past year. Perhaps openSUSE is another Linux victim of the thrashing that Chromebook’s Chrome OS has been putting on Linux in general for the past 18+ months or so.

I had problems wid their online repositories, which finally caused me to give up on getting a Cinnamon DE. Default DE’s were KDE, GNOME, & Vfce…however:

Apparently the “Generic Desktop” is one of the ways you get to the Cinnamon DE. By the time I had figured that out, the openSUSE repositories were having serious problems all weekend.

Linux is a keyboard-based OS meant for sysadmins, developers, programmers, ITspecialists, etc. and I didn’t like the openSUSE terminal.

Never did get Cinnamon DE installed. I am looking for Linux OSes offering Cinnamon DE *AND* either Fulltime Linux Root User access and/or a root login choice at the Welcome Login Screen. openSUSE offers the root login at Welcome Screen, but the sound doesn’t work in that area.

That leaves you the choice of either no demanding Linux ‘Nanny or no sound. 😉

The annoying “Authenticate” popups and/or ‘Pesky Passwords‘ are some of the reasons for the dwindling Linux Desktop User Share over the past 18+ months or so. Like Linus Torvalds says, ‘Linux Desktop isn’t for normal people.

openSUSE wasn’t too bad, for a Linux Distro, and would probably be fine for the more experienced Linux OS users.

  • Will try to finish up the reviews on three other Distros before I get into a couple of interesting looking ‘n new Linux Distros. I am excited about trying the new ones, so the reviews on the other three will be brief, like this one…

LINUX IS LIKE A BOX OF CHOCOLATES – you never know what you’re gonna get!