Another quick review before moving on…this time on CentOS Stream 9, a previous Top 3 on the Karmi’s Top 10 5 2 Linux Distros page. GNOME 40 has ruined GNOME Shell Intergration ‘n especially the Dash to Panel extension on at least this RHEL based Distro. Sound has stopped working in the root section also.

The Windows taskbar look is just too perfect ‘n popular for these Linux Distros screwing wid the Dash to Panel, plus not offering the Cinnamon Desktop to replace it.

Same ‘Thang happened to the 8.5 AlmaLinux update, and I decided then to start moving away from these *BIG* GB RHEL versions. Stability has always been a major problem wid most all Linux Distros…possible exception would be Puppy Linux.

Like Linus Torvalds says, ‘Linux Desktop isn’t for normal people.‘ Real Desktop OS users – “normal people” – want a fully functional mouse, huge selection of printers ‘n scanners or combos, an even *HUGER* selection of other great Hardware, no demanding Linux ‘Nanny, no annoying “Authenticate” popups and/or ‘Pesky Passwords’, an easy to use OS that is also secure, reliable and stable, etc.

Linux is a keyboard-based OS meant for sysadmins, developers, programmers, IT-specialists, Technical People, etc. – *OR* – as a Special *PURPOSE* Linuxes.

NOTE 12/10/2021: CentOS Stream is the only Distro to-this-point that hasn’t worked wid Ventoy…not sure why, perhaps too big. Have always had to use a 32 GB USB wid the ‘Live’ version.

  • As mentioned in an earlier Post, I am running behind on reviews of my tests, and am making these brief. Was trying to finish up the reviews on two other Distros before I get into a couple of interesting looking ‘n new Linux Distros, but may just do a review on one of the new ones since I have already looked at it. It was a demanding Linux ‘Nanny, annoying “Authenticate” popups and/or ‘Pesky Passwords’ *HEAVY* (like Ubuntu, ‘Ubunties‘, Arch ‘n ‘Archies‘), but it may be (??) pointing towards a *NEW* direction Linux is moving towards (??).

LINUX IS LIKE A BOX OF CHOCOLATES – you never know what you’re gonna get!