• (11/16/2021: Update at bottom – used the Stable sparkylinux-6.1-x86_64-minimalgui ISO this time.)

I am preparing to do a post on reasons to avoid using Linux as your primary operating system (OS), but as yet there is no Title or number of reasons. However, one of the reasons I’m doing this post on SparkyLinux is my installation of AlmaLinux 8.4 was broken when it upgraded to 8.5 the other day, and I’m looking for another Distro to move up on Karmi’s Top 10 5 2 Linux Distros page. This ‘Reason‘ – all/most Linux Distros break from updates and/or upgrades, at some point/s in their lifespan, wid a possible exception being Puppy Linux.

This time, “This ‘Reason‘” is getting added to the list that already contains the #1 Reason (basic Wheel Mouse) and the #2 Reason (annoying “Authenticate” popups or other ‘Pesky Passwords’). “This ‘Reason‘” will be added as a new reason soon, along wid some others that I can’t recall right now. Thusly, I need to actually start a list if I’m ever going to do a post on reasons to avoid using Linux as your primary operating system (OS). Three reasons might be enough for a ‘Foundation‘ post for a new Page tho. Still in early planning stage…


Distros w/ *NO* Sound in Root User section

On the Distros w/ *NO* “Authenticate” popup or other ‘Pesky Passwords’ page, there is an outdated list of Distros in the “***** These have minor issues: *****” section, and SparkyLinux is one of them. However, that is going to change, soon after this post…

Most of the Distros in that section have sound problems when the Fulltime Linux Root User option is being used. For example:

Speaker icon shows no volume available, i.e. an “x” next to speaker icon. Also, there is no sound Device listed, and you get those 9 speakers when trying to “Test Sound” (none work).

The sound in standard Linux ‘Password Dependent‘ user section works fine, for example:

Speaker volume icon is fine, and there are 2 Devices listed, i.e. the display speakers & the Line Out standard cheap computer speakers. Line Out is the selected Device, and the actual 2 speakers work when you test them.

I don’t have any sound system wid *NINE* speakers!? Puppy Linux is the only Distro (and possibly new Distro EasyOS 3.1) that I have found in 25 years that doesn’t force the Linux ‘Nanny on me, and everything remains stable (including the sound system). Fedora 33 Cinnamon Spin has also been very stable ‘n reliable, but the sound broke in the Root User section when it upgrades to 34 or 35.

  • Linux Distros are not made for “normal people” … oh, that is actually the #3 Reason (Linus Torvalds on “normal people”) to avoid using Linux as your primary operating system (OS). How could I forget that reason?!? 🤔

Anyway, wid Fedora having sound problems after upgrades, and now AlmaLinux breaking after upgrade it’s time I just accept that Linux isn’t ever going to be a perfect primary OS, and to start moving some other Distros up on the Karmi’s Top 10 5 2 Linux Distros page.


Installing SparkyLinux 7 Orion-Belt Cinnamon

I believe SparkyLinux offers more choices than any other Distro, so choosing the right ISO can be problematic at times, i.e. the Download page has Stable, (Semi-)Rolling, Oldstable, Oldoldstable, and Development options to choose from. Each one of those options open into even more options, so it can get confusing. 😬

I downloaded 3 images, having forgotten which one offered Cinnamon, and decided on using the sparkylinux-2021.10-x86_64-minimalgui ISO.

I have 2 other posts on SparkyLinux this year: 1) March 9, 2021 – SparkyLinux 6 Po-Tolo – Advanced Installer ‘n Root user ‘n Cinnamon DE. 2) . August 24, 2021 – SparkyLinux MinimalGUI & Rescue Editions – ‘Special *PURPOSE* Linuxes’. They have info ‘n pics I might use here in this post, but there have been changes so I will also have newer info ‘n pics.

In the past tests, SparkyLinux offered the “Sparky (Advanced) Installer” in the apps window:

Anyway, this time, SparkyLinux didn’t offer the “Sparky (Advanced) Installer” in the apps window!?! I lost the webpage that showed how to do it now…somewhere in the SparkyLinux Wiki; however, I made some pics during the process to show how it’s now done. First, it’s a good idea to prep your Target disk wid GParted…something like this:

That’s close enough, and it worked for me. Next, starting the Sparky (Advanced) Installer

Open the Terminal:

  • Still here? Mere mention of the “Terminal” drives most potential Desktop OS users away from Linux. 😉

OK…type in: sudo sparky-installer

The “sudo sparky-installer gui” & “sudo sparkylinux-installer gui” commands apparently don’t work anymore, so I just used the “sudo sparky-installer” command.

Then they’re going to ask you a bunch of questions, e.g.:

If you answered all the questions correctly, then installation will start ‘n look something like this:

“Copying the live system to the hard drive now … Please Wait …”

Then it’ll get to asking if you want to choose a “favorite desktop”:

Answer yes.

  • NOTE: My muse, Orca, always raves about how simple ‘n easy Linux is when compared to Windows. 🙄

Choose the Cinnamon desktop:

Choose a browser:

Then it soon finishes:

It reboots, and then the login window or welcome screen comes up:

Type root for the user name, then the password, and then login.



That’s the easiest way to install SparkyLinux wid the Cinnamon DE, or at least the only way I found.

Tests are almost done, and I plan to now install SparkyLinux Cinnamon permanently to a USB Drive, at least until I finish testing some other Linux candidates. Some Candidates are:

4MLinux 36.0, Kali Linux, openSUSE, Slackware Linux, Garuda Linux, Redcore Linux, Mageia 7.1 Linux, PCLinuxOS, OpenMandriva Lx 4.1, EndeavourOS, MX Linux, Elive, and probably a few more.

Maybe retest some of the RHEL-based Distros like CentOS Stream & Oracle Linux … plus CentOS replacements like Rocky.

Having no sound in root section is no longer a disqualification – e.g. “***** These have minor issues: *****” – so Distros will be shifting around. Heavier Distros like 9.9 GB AlmaLinux may be moved further back in the rankings, especially when they have problems wid the Dash to Panel extension for Gnome.

The Gnome problem wid Dash to Panel stability, especially after some upgrades, has me looking at more Distros wid either Cinnamon or KDE as their DE’s.

I can’t stand Distros trying to force the Linux ‘Nanny on me, or Distros forcing annoying “Authenticate” popup or other ‘Pesky Passwords’ usage, so I can deal wid sound issues on a secondary operating system (OS) like Linux.

Will add this post to the Special *PURPOSE* Linuxes page…


11/16/2021 UPDATE: Was going to do a new post, on this Stable sparkylinux-6.1-x86_64-minimalgui ISO edition, but no big changes are in it.

It does have the Sparky (Advanced) Installer in apps section:

Better than the Sparky rolling edition installer that required the terminal.

This version also had GParted in the ‘Live’ USB, and required a swap partition:

GParted made it easy work.

GUI windows were also better ‘Looking‘:

Prettier, huh?

OS was SparkyLinux 6.1 Po-Tolo instead of SparkyLinux 7 Orion-Belt rolling edition:

Same sound problem. OK…end of update!  😉

LINUX IS LIKE A BOX OF CHOCOLATES – you never know what you’re gonna get!